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Junior Swimming Lessons

Find out about our 10 stage swimming lessons, summer crash course, junior swimfit and synchronised swimming.

Learning to swim is an important life skill. Our fully qualified teachers take pride in teaching in a fun but structured way.

Choosing the right level

Getting the right lesson is important for confidence and success in the water.

Beginners lessons are available at all pools but if your child can already swim without armbands we would advise that you book a swimming assessment. This helps us to get your child off to the best start. Contact reception for days and times.

Stages 1 to 10

Safety in the water is important. We will work to develop a core range of skills to ensure safety, confidence and competence in the water. We believe great technique over a short distance is much better than poor technique over a large distance.

Lessons are built around the ASA National Teaching Plan and also incorporate Calderdale lessons (i.e. two awards at each level).

At the end of the scheme swimmers will be able to swim in all four recognised strokes, demonstrating efficient techniques along with a range of additional skills. Swimmers will also work towards personal survival, challenge and water skills awards. We will do everything we can to teach your child to swim and fulfil their potential.

Stage 1

For children new to swimming. We will work on:

  • basic water confidence skills using armbands or other flotation aids
  • climbing in and out of the pool
  • moving around the water on their front and back
  • learning to float and returning to a standing position.

Stage 2

Armbands start to come off but floats and noodles are used as a progression. Teachers continue to build confidence and introduce some new skills including how to jump into the pool and putting faces under the water.

Stage 3

More new skills are taught in level 3 including confidently moving around under the water, push and glide on front and back, travelling 10m on front and back using legs only.

Stage 4

Now we introduce all 4 strokes with the emphasis on a good strong leg kick. To progress to level 5 kids need to swim one of the major strokes for a distance of 10m showing good technique. This level can take a while to pass due to the high skill level but we will continue to motivate and encourage your kids to get there.

Stage 5

 A range of additional skills are performed or perfected at this level. This level can take a while to pass.

Through level 5 we ensure that all swimmers can perform all four major strokes with good technique for a distance of 10m.

The following are also covered:

  • Treading water
  • sculling in different ways
  • learning to enter the water in different ways 
  • surface diving


Stage 6

This develops advanced techniques including:

  • sink
  • push off from side from the wall and glide
  • swimming 10m with clothes on
  • swim front crawl and breaststroke with at least six rhythmical breaths
  • perform a ‘shout, signal, rescue’
  • exit the water without using steps and more

Stage 7

It gets tougher in level 7 with a requirement to:

  • swim 25m in each of the 4 main swim strokes
  • perform a movement sequence of 1 minute duration
  • perform a sitting dive
  • swim 50m continuously using one stroke
  • swim 100m using a minimum of 3 strokes
  • tread water using eggbeater action for 30 seconds
  • complete an obstacle course using a minimum of 4 objects.

Stages 8 to 10

For the more experienced swimmer to fine tune their competitive sport stroke skills.

Junior Swimfit

This class runs in conjunction with the swimming lessons on a pay weekly basis. Length swimming, stroke improvement, speed and stamina are what we are aiming for in this class.

Required: ASA level 7 and above.

Summer Crash Course

During the school summer holidays we run a range of crash courses including learn to swim, synchronised swimming, water polo, lifesaving, diving and stroke skills.

Useful information

Existing customers

Children who already attend lessons get priority at re-enrolment three weeks before the end of the course.

New customers

If you want your child to join our Swimming Development Scheme please ask at reception.

Direct Debit

You can pay for the block of swimming lessons in full or by monthly direct debit. Please ask reception for a direct debit form.


Please let reception know if your little one has any health condition or is taking medication so that we can let the teacher know and make the necessary arrangements. If your child is taking regular medication for example an inhaler for asthma please make sure you pack the inhaler in the swimming bag for every lesson and that it is taken onto poolside.

Wanting to join the lesson scheme

Hopefully we will be able to enrol your child immediately but if our lessons are full we will put their name on our waiting list and contact you as soon as a space becomes available.


Lessons are booked in blocks of 8-12 weeks depending on Bank Holidays. Classes break for two weeks at Christmas.

How long are lessons?

Lessons are 30 minutes long for levels 1-6 and 45 minutes for levels 7+. This includes class register being taken and completing the lesson plan information.

Do I get a refund if my child is ill?

If your child is unfortunate enough to develop an illness that prevents him/her from attending over half of a block of lessons and you have medical evidence of such illness we will consider refunding the lessons missed. This is however at the sole discretion of the swimming management team.

Can I watch my child during their lesson?

We have designated areas for you to watch your child, but why not have a swim yourself. We offer a reduced rate whilst your child is having a lesson, providing the pool is available.

How can I get feedback on my child?

We encourage communication between teachers and parents so please feel free to leave your contact details with reception along with the name and level of your child and the teacher will contact you at the earliest convenience. Please do not interrupt the teachers during lessons.

Can my child swim before or after the lesson?

If your child has a membership, swimming is included at no extra cost, so they will be able to swim before or after the lesson subject to the pool timetable and admission policy. That said we do not encourage swimmers wear themselves out before their lesson. Practicing the skills learnt after the lesson would be great though! Without a membership you would need to make payment for your child to swim before or after the lesson again subject to the pool timetable and admission policy.

Suitable swimwear

Please read:

Our swimwear policy

Appropriate swimwear

  • Swimming trunks.
  • Swimming shorts (including knee length).
  • Swimming costumes.
  • Swim dress.
  • Bikini.
  • Tankini.
  • Hijood (or similar swimwear).

For under 5s. To help keep body heat without the restriction of movement, these are allowed:

  • Neoprene baby wraps.
  • Knee length suits.
  • Float suits or Neoprene 'float jackets'.

Babies must wear swim nappies under their costume.

Inappropriate swimwear

  • Underwear.
  • See through costumes and thongs.
  • Anything with obscene or offensive pictures or slogans.
  • Sporting wear.
  • Denim or cotton leggings/leotards.
  • Long flowing and baggy clothes.
  • Swimwear with parts that stick out could be abrasive to other swimmers or floats. (For example pins, rivets, buckles, zippers, buttons.)

Management reserves the right to decide whether swimwear is appropriate. Customers may be asked to change their swimwear.