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Public swimming

We run a variety of sessions at our pools including inflatable fun swims, family swimming, female-only swimming and length swimming.


We run a variety of sessions over our 5 pools at 3 locations

Please check our pool timetables to see when and where a session takes place.

Please note: the full pool may not always be available. Sometimes restrictions may be in place as we run school swimming lessons during term time.

Swim for all

An open session for all ages and abilities.

Fun swims

A time for families and younger children to have fun with pool toys and fun swim floats! We also have a large inflatable obstacle course.

Length swimming

We offer sessions for both length and lane swimming. Length swimming is for swimmers who want to swim full 25m lengths without restrictions. Lane swimming has fixed lanes to guide swimmers. These are often slow, medium and fast lanes.


Ages: 11+

Family swimming

A time for families with children to swim.


  • Children must be with an adult.
  • "Family fun swims" is only available to children under the age of 11.
  • "Family swimming" is available to children that are 15 or below.
  • "Family swimming under 5s" is only available to children up to 5 year old.

Female-only swimming

A time to relax in our safe place.

As a female, you will have sole use of the pool and changing facilities. Please note: we cannot guarantee the poolside assistant will always be female.


  • Ages 14+
  • Females only


Find out where and when this activity takes place.

Price list

Swimming is free for members. See memberships.

For Pay As You Go customers:

Session Adult* Junior* Infant* Adult (PTL*) Junior (PTL*)
Swim for all £5.50 £2.75 Free £3.80 £2.40
Fun swim £5.50 £3.80 Free £4.30 £3.25
Inflatable fun swim £6.05 £4.40 Free £4.40 £4.00
Family fun swim £5.75 £3.80 Free £4.00 £3.25
Family swim £5.50 £2.75 Free £3.80 £2.40
Family swim for under 5's £4.30 £3.70 Free £3.30 £2.80
Female-only swim £5.50 £2.75 N/A £3.80 £2.40
Length swimming £5.50 £2.75 N/A £3.80 £2.40

* Adult (16+), Junior (3-15), Infant (0-2).

* Find out more about a passport to leisure (PTL).

Suitable swimwear

Please read our swimwear policy:

Our swimwear policy

Appropriate swimwear

  • Swimming trunks.
  • Swimming shorts (including knee length).
  • Swimming costumes.
  • Swim dress.
  • Bikini.
  • Tankini.
  • Hijood (or similar swimwear).

For under 5s. To help keep body heat without the restriction of movement, these are allowed:

  • Neoprene baby wraps.
  • Knee length suits.
  • Float suits or Neoprene 'float jackets'.

Babies must wear swim nappies under their costume.

Inappropriate swimwear

  • Underwear.
  • See through costumes and thongs.
  • Anything with obscene or offensive pictures or slogans.
  • Sporting wear.
  • Denim or cotton leggings/leotards.
  • Long flowing and baggy clothes.
  • Swimwear with parts that stick out could be abrasive to other swimmers or floats. (For example pins, rivets, buckles, zippers, buttons.)

Management reserves the right to decide whether swimwear is appropriate. Customers may be asked to change their swimwear.