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Road safety in schools

Find out what road safety training is available to all children and young people.

We offer training to all road users.

Pre-school advice and school education

  • Children's early years are vital to them being road safety aware.
  • We offer advice for parents of pre-school and nursery children.
  • We can also offer education and training for all other children.

For details, please see: Road safety.

Training for SEND students

This is for those who are vulnerable.

For details, please see: Independent travel training.

Cycle training

For anyone who want to learn to ride safely.

For details, please see: Cycling.

Driving advice

THINK! offers road safety information. This includes drink and drug driving, seat belts, mobile phones and motorcycles.

For advice on driving in adverse weather and first aid on the road, visit: UK Highway Code (GOV.UK).

School Streets

These are streets where new access restrictions have been introduced as part of the national School Streets Initiative. It is a community-based approach that aims to:

  • Reduce car usage and air pollution;
  • promote walking and cycling;
  • and boost road safety, health and well-being.

All schemes that are introduced have the support of the school and local councillors. They have proved popular and effective elsewhere, as well as in our trial with Calderdale schools in June 2020. For more about this, read our blog, visit: Safer, Greener and More Active: Calderdale School Streets Trial.


For more advice, please call our Road Safety Team:

  • Phone: 01422 288002.

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