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H bar road markings

Find out how you can apply and what it costs.

A 'H bar' is a painted road marking in the shape of an stretched 'H'. It is white and extends across dropped kerbs from where each starts to taper down to the road surface.

These can be useful for residents who experience problems with accessing and exiting their driveways. This may be due to vehicles regularly and persistently obstructing access to properly constructed dropped crossings/kerbs. The marking is provided solely to highlight the presence of your driveway to others.

Note: It is not always possible to mark the highway with an H bar marking.

Legal enforcement

H bar markings are not legally enforceable. They are intended to act as a visual reminder to drivers that access is required.

A Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) will only be issued to a vehicle that is parked:

  • partially;
  • or fully in front of the dropped crossing or kerb.

For private access crossings, this will only be done if the property owner, landowner or tenant asks for it.

A request for enforcement action can be made in writing to Parking Services:


  • If you park on your H bar marking, it devalues its meaning. Other drivers can think that you do not need access to your driveway and follow suit.
  • Enforcement action will include any vehicle parked partially or fully in front of the actual dropped crossing/kerb.
  • We do not have the powers to move parked vehicles.


There are strict criteria to be met before they can be authorised. Before you apply, please consider:

  • You must have a properly constructed driveway onto the road. This means:
    • a tarmacadam construction across the verge/footpath, with proper dropper/quadrant kerbs either side of the driveway.
  • They will not be installed where:
    • an existing waiting restriction or prohibition is in force, on the opposite side of the road to the driveway;
    • roads are not listed as adopted by the Council. For a map showing adopted, mixed status and unadopted roads, see: Streets.

To make sure your application meets the criteria, we will do an assessment that includes a site visit.

Note: We do not need you to attend the assessment visit.

How long will it take?

Please note:

  • Application fees are not being taken at the moment, but you can log a request by email:
  • We have a backlog and when we have dealt with current applications, we will contact you.

If you want to go ahead, we will let you know how to pay the fee. When this is paid, it will take around six weeks. We will let you know the outcome and if approved:

  • we will give you an installation date;
  • and will required an £80 installation fee before to lining works being ordered.

Note: When practical, the work is done when other road marking work is planned in your area. This may cause a delay between application and installation. It also depends on the weather and can be delayed in winter due to temperatures being too low.


There is an application fee of £100 that must be paid when you apply (non refundable). This covers the site visit and to assess if the work can go ahead.

If successful, there will also be an installation fee of £80 for the line painting.

Important note: We have the right to remove the marking at any time, without giving a refund.

How to apply

Important notes: Please read carefully:

  • The decision to approve or reject your application for a H bar marking is made at our discretion.
    • Note: Completion of the application form does not guarantee that it will be approved.
  • You MUST have a properly constructed dropped crossing / kerb onto the road, see: Dropped crossings.
    • Note: If it is not properly constructed, your details will be forwarded to the Highway Enforcement Officer for further investigation.

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