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Birth, marriage and death records

Here you can find birth, marriage and death records. These can help trace your family back through time using local newspapers and national records.

Birth, marriage and death records can help trace your family back through time. You can find the records in several different ways.

Local newspapers

The local studies department at Central Library (Halifax) holds a wide range of local newspapers on microfilm. One such paper is the Halifax Guardian, published from December 1832 to April 1921. Over six years, library volunteers indexed birth, marriage and death notices for the whole time of the Halifax Guardian's existence. Grateful thanks are due to them and also to Calderdale Family History Society, who converted their files for the website. The index is now available below for you to make use of, please read: 

Note: Births, marriages and deaths during the years of World War One (1914-18) were indexed for another Libraries' project. This was using the Halifax Weekly Courier, rather than the Halifax Guardian. These records have been re-used for the 'Guardian' index. This means that page numbers for 1914-18 relate to the Courier and not the Guardian. The Courier Index is also available, with the newspapers themselves, visit: World War One newspapers.

The Halifax Guardian index is listed A to Z by surname, then first name. Open the file you need and either scroll down or use the bookmarks to help you find your entry.

If you find the person you are looking for in the index, you can:

  • Visit Local Studies to see the entry in the newspaper.
  • Email: to request a copy (for a small charge) or to ask for transcribed details of the entry. (This email address should also be used if you have any queries about the Index.)

Note: We have made every effort to correct errors in transcription, but with 394,000 entries, there may be some. The newspaper itself should be seen as the correct source.




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National records

All Calderdale libraries offer free access to: Ancestry (library edition). There you can find the General Register Office (GRO) reference. You need this to apply for a copy of a birth, marriage or death certificate.

Note: Civil registers began in July 1837. You cannot get certificates for events before this date. The index on Ancestry covers marriages to 2005 and births/deaths to 2007.

We regret that library staff do not have the resources to do searches for you.

Burial and cremation records

Do you need help to locate the burial place of your loved ones? You may find some help in your search at Deceased online .

Deceased Online offer:

  • Digital scans of burial and cremation registers or records of burials and cremations, where there are no registers.
  • Details of those buried in each grave.
  • Cemetery maps that show where each grave is.
  • Some photos of memorials and headstones.

How to get a copy certificate

For local births and deaths, apply:

Request copy certificates 


For other areas of England and Wales, they can be ordered from the GRO (use references from the index). Please visit: Order Certificates.

  • If you want one, but do not want to search yourself, the GRO offers a service to do this.
  • The fee for this service is higher than when the reference is known.

Follow the link above or contact the GRO at:

  • General Register Office (certificates)
  • Telephone: 0300 1231837
  • Certificate Services Section

    General Register Office

    PO Box 2


    PR8 2JD
  • Website: General Register Office

The GRO website has information about applying for overseas certificates. It also has links to help you get certificates for events in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

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