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Council property register

Here you can find the Council's property register, which has records of all land and property owned by the Council.

The Council property register, also called 'Land Terrier', is a record of all land and property the Council owns.

Most are shown on: Council assets map.

If it is not owned by the Council, you can find out who owns it by contacting the: Land Registry.

If you want to buy/rent a Council property

If you are interesting in buying or renting Council owned land or building, contact the

  • Estates Manager

    Corporate Asset and Facilities Management

    Town Hall


    HX1 1TP
  • Telephone: 01422 392129
  • Email:

You will need to include:

  • The land or building you are interested in.
  • Contact details, including telephone number and email address.
  • A description of what you intend to use the property for.
  • A simple sketch and drawing/plan that shows measurements (if possible).

We will send you a letter to acknowledge receipt of your application. You will also get a blank Ordnance Survey plan for you to mark the area on and return. If you have already sent us a clear sketch or drawing you will not need the map.

What happens next

  • We will write to you to explain what you need to do to progress your enquiry.
  • We will check to see if we do not need the property. We will contact local ward Councillors for comments about your proposal.
  • If it is surplus, then enquiries may be needed:
    • Legal services: Title to the land.
    • Engineering services: Any highway implications.
    • Planning services: Potential and proposed use of the property.

These can take some time, but are needed before your application can progress.

You are strongly advised to undertake your own detailed consultations about your specific proposals.

Land and property available

  • We advertise surplus land and buildings for sale on the open market.
  • Sales also take place through public auctions.
  • For all our land and property for sale or to let, please see: Land and property availability.

You should get an independent valuation and/or appropriate advice when deciding how much to offer.

As well as the purchase price, you must pay the Council's legal and surveyors costs. These are worked out on a sliding scale linked to the value of the property.

Mailing list

To find out about future sales or rentals, contact:

If you are interested in taking a greater role in the management of a Council owned building or land. Or you would like to make a request for Community Asset Transfer, see: Community management of assets.

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