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Trading in a market hall

Market halls are specially designed with permanent lock-up stalls. These are open each day of the week to allow a full-time concourse of sellers from the trading units. Traders then leave their goods ready for the next trading day.

  • In general, they are open every day of the week.
  • They are treated in a different way to those that are held on set days of the week.
  • Charges for these stalls are often on a weekly (or longer) basis.

We operate Market Halls at Halifax and Todmorden.

Rents are set globally and tend to be revised every five years with the service charge being reviewed each year. This type of letting is normally evidenced by a formal document. This can be a licence, tenancy agreement or lease, all affording protection under the Landlord and Tenant Act.

Tenants in the market halls have the right of assignment of their leases. This allows them to sell their business interests. Most often, tenants wishing to dispose of their stall/business advertise directly in the local, regional and specialist press. Interested parties approach the seller directly with reference to Markets Management, once a successor has been found.

We currently have some stalls/units of different sizes and available uses. For more details or to let us know that you are interested, please email: