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Safeguarding for professionals

Here you can find resources for multi-agency professionals on domestic violence and abuse.

What is domestic violence and abuse?

Domestic violence makes up the majority of violence against women, children and men locally and nationally. It includes physical, psychological, sexual violence; emotional abuse; financial exploitation and stalking. It is best understood as a pattern of behaviour characterised by the misuse of power and control. It often escalates over time!

For more on this, visit: Domestic abuse: how to get help (GOV.UK).

Calderdale's Domestic Abuse Strategic Board

Calderdale's partnership approach to tackling domestic abuse recognises that it harms the whole of society. It impacts all sections of our community.

Under the leadership of this board, partners involved in making this strategy see the importance of working together. They are committed to shared responsibility and action across all sectors. We recognise that victims of domestic abuse are from diverse backgrounds, with wide-ranging individual circumstances.

For more on this, please read: 

For schools

Schools 'Healthy Relationships' resource

For a list of resources for primary and secondary schools, see: Healthy Relationships: Resource list for schools. It includes:

  • Domestic abuse.
  • Child sexual exploitation.
  • Emotional well-being.
  • SEND resources.

Support for victims and families

Coercive and controlling behaviour

This review was written by Safe Lives. It focuses on coercive and controlling behaviour within the context of public and private law proceedings. There are three main sections:

  • About domestic abuse and coercive and controlling behaviour.
  • The impact of coercive and controlling behaviour on the family.
  • Coercive and controlling behaviour, child contact and court.

Calderdale domestic abuse hub

Domestic abuse training

For Level 1 Domestic Abuse e-learning, visit: Calderdale Safeguarding Children Partnership.

Children and young people

Calderdale young people have written, directed and produced a short film with Fixers. This was supported by the Council's Young People's Service Voice and Influence team. It is about experiences of forced marriage and honour-based abuse.

Open Minds Calderdale is for children and young people. it gives advice, information, support and signposting about emotional health and wellbeing. For more on this, please visit: Emotional health and wellbeing.

Forced marriage and honour based violence

Female genital mutilation

Adolescent to parent violence

Calderdale Domestic Abuse Strategy

Health professionals

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