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Are you going through domestic abuse and need help?

Find out how to get help and support if you are going through domestic abuse.

Always call 999 in an emergency.

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If you are living in an abusive environment

Being in an abusive environment can be very hard to cope with. There are steps you can take to increase your personal safety (and that of your children), see: Safety planning.

Where can you get help?

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Online safety

For help with staying safe online. From reporting something abusive to stopping a private sexual image being shared, see: Empowering women to be safe online.

Forced marriage and honour-based violence

A forced marriage is:

  • where one or both people, do not or may not be able to consent or agree to the marriage.

Pressure or abuse may be used like:

  • threats;
  • physical or sexual violence;
  • or they may not be allowed to have any money.

They are made to feel bad or like they are bringing shame on the family. This behaviour is called 'Honour-Based Abuse'.

Forcing someone to marry when they do not want to (without their full agreement or consent) is a crime. It is a form of abuse! Forced marriage and honour-based abuse can affect boys and girls, people of any age, most religions or cultures.

  • In an emergency, phone the Police on: 999.
  • For non-emergencies, phone the Police on 101.
  • For children and young people, phone the Multi-Agency Screening Team (MAST) on: 01422 393336.
  • For adults, phone Gateway to Care on: 01422 393000.
  • Out of hours, phone the Emergency Duty Team (EDT) on: 01422 288000.
  • Calderdale Staying Safe (Domestic Abuse Support Service) on: 01422 323339.
  • Visit: Karma Nirvana or phone their helpline: 0800 5999 247 (free and confidential).
  • Freedom Charity Helpline: 0845 6070133 or text the words '4freedom': to 88802.
  • Visit: The Forced Marriage Unit or phone them on their confidential helpline: 0207 0080151.

Sexual assault

Women and men, who have been sexually assaulted, can get confidential help, treatment and support. Please visit: Find your nearest sexual assault referral centre.

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