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Adult Social Care Charging Policies Consultation

The consultation is now closed, thank you for your responses. We are analysing your responses and will feedback to you in due course.

We wanted your feedback on policies that set out how we charge for residential and non-residential adult social care.

These are:

Also, you can read the:

For an introduction to charging, please see: Paying for your care and support.

The Policies

These explain how we work out what people should pay towards the cost of their council-funded care and support. This is based on the ability to pay.

Many people who receive social care support get disability benefits. These are paid to help people pay for their care and support. People can use this to:

  • pay for private care and support;
  • or pay for the care and support we arrange for them.

There is a rising demand for services to meet care and support needs. There is also the need to deliver savings. Due to this, we must look at how we are organised and how we provide services. This is so we can continue to make sure that we give the highest quality services possible.

The policies reflect the national legislation that we must follow. For more details about this, visit: Care and support statutory guidance (GOV.UK).

The consultation

We will:

  • Clearly inform residents and stakeholders of the proposals for our updated Charging Policies.
  • Make sure those who want to comment on the proposals have the chance to do so.
  • Give feedback on the results to elected Members. This will help them to make informed decisions on the way forward.
  • Analyse the results in a meaningful and timely fashion. This will mean your feedback can be used to make any decisions.

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