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Calderdale Citizens' Panel - Talkback

Find out about Talkback, our citizens' panel in Calderdale.

About Talkback

A citizens' panel is a large group of adults of different ages and backgrounds. They represent the different people who live in a specific area or community. Our citizens' panel is called Talkback.

  • The panel helps to measure public opinion by taking part in different types of consultation, like surveys or focus groups.
  • It is a way local people can get involved to help us know and understand their views, ideas and opinions.
  • This helps us to shape new plans and projects that better meet the needs of our communities.

What being part of Talkback involves

It runs as an e-panel, which means it is conducted online.

  • Our services areas invite members to complete online surveys on a number of topics.
  • Sometimes our partners also ask for surveys to be completed, such as the NHS or West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue.
  • On average, the panel is invited to complete one or two surveys per month.
  • Members of the panel are volunteers and they can choose which surveys they want to take part in.

What happens to surveys the panel completes

The results are studied by the department or team who commissioned the survey. They usually make a report of the findings.

  • They will use the report to help inform the project or plan they are working on.
  • Sometimes, plans or projects can take a long time. The survey can be just one part of a bigger and longer public consultation.

What you will get out of joining the panel

It will help us to get to know more about what really matters to you, your friends, family and neighbours.

  • This helps us to make changes and improve things based on what local people think and say.
  • It means we are all working together to help to make Calderdale a better place to live for everyone.

How to join

Talkback welcomes new members! If you are over 18 and live in Calderdale, complete our form:

Register for the Talkback panel

To find out more about the panel, email:

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