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Calderdale Conversations

Your chance to tell us what the most important things are to you in Calderdale.

Welcome to Calderdale Conversations. A new opportunity for people across the region to talk about the things most important to them.

You, your family and your friends all have ideas about Calderdale. Things you’d like to see happen here or things you’d like to be done differently. Calderdale Conversations is about getting those ideas heard and bringing them to life.

We want to have more conversations, more often and in new ways. Asking people to play a direct role in how the place changes and grows. This project is about creating closer connections and new partnerships so together we can reach our vision for the place.

All conversations will be collated to help inform our decision making process. So you can see the impact you are having.

What do you want to talk about?

  • Come for a Chat

    Put your feet up and settle in for a chat with a Calderdale Conversations team - out touring Calderdale now!
  • Polls

    Grab a token! Tell us what you think about the big issues of the day by voting in one of our polls.
  • Displays

    Write down your thoughts or give us some feedback on one of our display boards.

Conversation starters

Calderdale Conversations is all about hearing what you have to say on a range of issues that affect Calderdale. We have some important things we want to discuss too. Here are some of the topics that we want to hear your views on.

Climate emergency

The Climate Emergency is one of the biggest challenges we face.

What can we do in Calderdale to fight the impacts of a changing climate and prepare for the future?




Calderdale’s rich cultural heritage is one of our biggest assets.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas about arts and culture in Calderdale and the opportunities they bring.



Caring for people is at the heart of what we do.

What are your ideas and feedback about how health and care is delivered in Calderdale?


The Council

What do you think the future role of the Council should be?

What should we do that is new or different?

What should we be doing more or less of?


Our Vision 2024

Calderdale Conversations is a key part of how we are delivering our Vision 2024. This project sets out where we want to take Calderdale together and how we are going to get there.

For more about this, see: Vision 2024.

Keep talking

You can speak to the Council in a number of ways on a range of issues.

Take part in consultations and give feedback

You can also join in with #CdaleConversations on Facebook or Twitter

Calderdale survey results

Thank you to everyone who took part in the Calderdale Survey. You can find out what people told us here:

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