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Climate Action Plan

This sets out what we aim to do to meet our net zero target by 2038.


We are taking climate change seriously

It poses a major threat to our way of life! We can see the impact outside our window. Extreme temperatures start wildfires on our moors and there are more floods. We must act now if we want to protect the place we call home.

Our plan sets out what we must do to meet our net zero target by 2038. This three-year plan covers six key themes:

  • Working together to influence decisions.
  • Support community action.
  • Create warm and resilient buildings.
  • Grow a green economy.
  • Transform transport and how we get around.
  • Work with land and nature to protect us in the long-term.

Read, download, watch or listen to Calderdale’s Climate Action Plan

Read the plan:

Browse our plan in brief, see: Climate Action Plan 2023-26 - In short.

Video transcript

Our Climate Action Plan has launched, but what does that mean? Well, it sets out the action that needs to be taken in Calderdale before 2026, to set us on our path to a Net Zero future. It’s been developed in partnership with local people and organisations and focuses on the key actions that we can all take now to tackle climate change.

So, why do we need a plan? Well, climate change poses a major threat to our way of life here in Calderdale. We can see the impact outside of our window; extreme temperatures are more frequent, and we know that flooding is on the rise. We really must act now if we want to protect the place, we call home.

Lots of brilliant work’s already underway to tackle climate change, but we need to go further and faster if we’re to meet Calderdale’s target of Net Zero emissions by 2038. The Climate Action Plan sets out how we can all work together to build a better, greener, and more resilient Calderdale.

The good news is that acting now won’t just help to avoid a climate disaster - it will also make life better for us and our families. Calderdale is already a fantastic place to live, work, and visit, but we want to make sure that it stays that way for generations to come.

Now we need your help. The Climate Action Plan shares some ideas on actions you can take to help tackle climate change and meet our Net Zero target by 2038. Make sure you get involved by visiting Thank you.

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We asked our residents what they thought about our plan (21st September to 20th November 2022).

There were 481 responses:

  • 440 were via our online survey. Of these, 414 had read the plan.
  • 41 group questionnaire responses:
    • 27 groups that covered responses from over 300 people;
    • and 14 from individuals.​

For feedback details, please see: Survey results.

We have worked through these and made the: Public consultation results report.

As a result of your feedback you can expect to see the following changes:

  • We have made more easy-to-understand versions of the Plan
  • We have developed more case studies (including video case studies) to show what climate action looks like 
  • We have improved the level of detail in the Plan. You can now find more information about work on influencing, climate justice, and links to climate resilience

Calderdale's Climate Action partnership

Calderdale's Climate Action partnership is made up of representatives from across the borough. The partnership steers the overall direction of the Climate Action Plan.

Next steps

The Climate Action Partnership will continue to meet throughout the year to drive forward the actions in the Plan. You can learn more about our work by:

Climate Emergency

To find out more, see: Climate Emergency.

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