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Support the Council can provide

Here you can find details on how to ask for an assessment and have a support plan created.

How to get help from us

Do you need help to live on your own and safely in your own home? We can:

  • Help you find out what help you need.
  • Let you know what there is in your area.
  • Discuss how to pay for support.

This initial help is for everyone. To talk about you and what help you need, please contact: Gateway to Care. You can also use our: Online contact.

Services we can provide

We also offer other forms of support, like transport, equipment and more.

Paying for services

The above help is not always free. You will not have to pay a charge, if you:

  • Suffer from Creuzfeldt Jacob Disease.
  • Get 100% Continuing Healthcare Funding.
  • Get aftercare under Section 117 of the Mental Health Act.

Please note: Most people will have to pay towards the cost. The amount to pay will depend on a financial assessment. Some people may have to look for and arrange help for themselves after assessment.

Do you have savings or investments (capital) over the current national threshold of £23,250? If yes, you will be asked to pay the lower amount of either:

  • The full cost of care;
  • or the maximum charge.

Please note: If your capital is below £23,250, we need to see full details of your income and capital.

For more about paying for support and assessing charges, see: Paying for your care and support.

Here is a short video that also explains how charges are assessed:

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