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Carer's Assessment

Here you can find out about Carer's Needs Assessments and how to ask for one.

The assessment looks at how caring is impacting different aspects of a carer’s life and how the carer feel's about the future. It is a chance to consider the carer's needs and to seek help to improve their caring role. 

If you are a carer, you have the right to a Carer's Needs Assessment. This is under the Care Act 2014. It:

  • Considers the needs of the carer separate to the needs of the person they care for.
  • Takes into account pressures on the carer due to their caring role.
  • Helps Social Care staff to arrange the right support for the person you care for.
  • May lead to a carers personal budget to support you with your caring role.
  • Can lead to an increase in the range or amount of services arranged for the person you care for. This can also help you.

A ‘carer’ is someone providing care for a friend, relative or neighbour who would not be able to manage without this help. This could be due to:

  • Long term physical or mental health condition.
  • Disability,
  • Elderly frailty.

Note: If the adult you care for refuses a community care assessment, you can still have a Carer's Needs Assessment. Also, services that will support you in your caring role.

The carer must not be employed to provide this care and must not receive payment other than benefits.

Applying for a Carer's Needs Assessment

Use our online form to apply for a carer's assessment:

Apply for a Carer's Needs Assessment

Once you submit your assessment, it is returned to the Carer's Wellbeing Service. You will be contacted by a member of their team to discuss your needs. They will be able to suggest support to help you meet those needs. This may include:

  • Telling you more about their range of services.
  • Helping you to access a carers personal budget.
  • Referring you to Adult Social Care for help in getting support for the person you care for.

You can also request a form be posted or emailed to you by contacting Gateway to Care on 01422 393000 or emailing



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