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Drugs, alcohol and tobacco service

Here you can find out about Branching Out, which is provided by Humankind. It is the drug, alcohol and tobacco service for young people in Calderdale.

Branching Out (DISC – Discovering Initiative for support in the Community) is the specialist drug, alcohol and tobacco service for children, young people, families, professionals and communities of Calderdale. It is offered by Humankind to:

  • Under 21s (any level of substance misuse).
  • Under 18s (smokers).

What we can do for you

  • Prevention of drug, alcohol and tobacco misuse through a range of interactive education activities delivered to pupils.
  • One-to-one support for pupils that:
    • May be using and/or having problems with substances;
    • and/or want smoking cessation or advice.
  • Training sessions for academy and school staff (teachers and support).
  • Support with policy development.
  • Support with PHSE (Personal Health and Social Education) sessions.
  • Telephone support to teachers/tutors/support staff in school/college.
  • Parental information sessions and peer support groups.
  • Groupwork sessions.
  • Positive activities to direct your thoughts to something else.
  • Contributions to EISA plans.
  • Access to family support.
  • Flexible Locality workers/venues. Lead worker identified for each school.
  • The chance to volunteer.

Our staff

  • A dedicated Concerned Other Worker.
  • An Education Training and Development Worker.
  • Five locality workers and volunteers.

Academies and schools

Pupils and families

  • You can access the service by phone, Facebook, text or face-to-face.

For more about this service, referrals or how we handle your details, please contact:

  • SPOA (Single point of access) phone: 01422 415550 (option 2).

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