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Immigration accommodation certificates

Find out how to obtain an immigration accommodation certificate from us.

You can be asked for a letter from the Council, if:

  • You applied for permanent residency in this country;
  • or someone applied on your behalf.

The letter (called an Accommodation Report), is to confirm the property you intend to occupy is:

  • Fit to live in;
  • complies with housing legislation;
  • and will not become overcrowded when you move in.

We must inspect the property before giving the letter.

To ask us for an Accommodation Report, fill in this form: 

  • You must pay a fee before we can do an inspection, see: Fees and charges.
  • The fee and completed form should be posted to the address on the form.
  • You are responsible for the letter getting to the right authority to support your application for immigration.

Note: We will not give you a letter unless an inspection has been made.

The Immigration Authorities will not normally accept letters that are more than 12 weeks old.

  • If your letter expires, we must carry out another inspection.
  • You may have to pay another fee for this.
  • We might charge for changes to the letter or for copies.

Important note: Be sure you are ready to submit a full application, before you ask for a property inspection.

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