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Fire safety

If a fire breaks out in your home, do not try to tackle the fire yourself. Leave the property and get everybody out as soon as possible, then phone: 999.

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service undertake Home Fire Safety Checks. These involve giving practical common sense advice on reducing the risk of fire. They offer practical advice about escaping a fire should one occur in your home. They also fit free smoke alarms.

If you rent your home, it is the landlord's responsibility for ensuring certain safety obligations are met. This includes making sure gas and electrical appliances are safe and in good working order. Your landlord should show you safety certificates, so you can see when these appliances were last inspected.

Your landlord may be responsible for carrying out a fire risk assessment and providing appropriate fire precautions. This depends on the type of property you rent and can include:

  • smoke alarms;
  • fire doors;
  • exit doors;
  • escape windows;
  • and/or emergency lighting.

For more on this, read: Fire Safety Guidance.

The Council and West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service have signed up to the West Yorkshire Fire Safety Protocol. This document sets out enforcement responsibilities between the two organisations for various types of residential premises in relation to fire safety.

What you can do

  • Fit smoke alarms on every level and ensure they are tested regularly;
  • take care when cooking;
  • ensure the escape route from your property is free of obstructions and kept clear at all times;
  • do not overload electrical sockets;
  • if you smoke, ensure you extinguish your cigarettes properly.

What we can do

If your landlord will not do essential fire safety works, we may be able to help you, contact:

Community Safety: