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Centre Vale Park

Centre Vale Park offers a unique outdoor environment located less than half a mile from Todmorden town centre.

NoteDog Control Orders are now in force in Calderdale's parks.
Bowling green at Centre Vale

Centre Vale Park is located less than half-a-mile from Todmorden Town Centre. Famous for hosting popular regional outdoor events, like:

  • the National Crown Green Bowling Club Championships;
  • and the Todmorden Country Fair.

Centre Vale Park offers a unique outdoor environment, close to an urban centre.


Centre Vale Park boasts a variety of facilities and activities to suit a wide range of park users, including:

  • An all-weather five-a-side football (opened and managed by Todmorden Sports Centre).
  • Tennis court (opened and managed by Todmorden Sports Centre).
  • Bowling greens (managed by bowling clubs onsite).
  • A play area.
  • A skate park.
  • An under 12's roadway.
  • An outdoor gym.
  • Football pitches (rented out to local clubs).
  • Toilets (located next to the play area).

Play area and skate park

Centre Vale skate park

The play area at Centre Vale Park offers a large variety of different play items for children to explore. This includes:

  • a zip wire;
  • a space net;
  • an inclusive climbing unit; and
  • a fully inclusive roundabout.

The skate park is located at the Southeast corner of the park and provides facilities for local skaters. Todmorden Town Council has received funding to redevelop the skate park in the first half of 2021

Outdoor gym

In 2012, an outdoor gym suitable for a range of ages and abilities was installed. This is near the bowling green area.

Location details

Centre Vale Park

Burnley Road


OL14 7BS

Centre Vale Park is located on the A646 Burnley Road, Northeast of Todmorden town centre, adjacent to the cricket ground.

A car park is situated off Ewood Lane, West-side of the park and adjacent to the Sports Centre.

Pedestrian access to the park, is by one of the six entrances surrounding the main park area. The town centre, bus and railway stations are a 5 minute walk away.

General information

Centre Vale play area

Centre Vale Park consists of 33 hectares of mature oak and beech woodland intersected by woodland walks and open parkland. The main body of the park landscape also includes:

  • Formal memorial gardens.
  • Under 12s roadway.
  • Table tennis.

It is ideal for walking, sports and formal recreation, picnics and family outings. The public toilets are to the East of the park. The channelled River Calder runs along the North-eastern boundary of the park, adjacent to Burnley Road.

The Park has been used for public events since the first bowling greens were open in 1915. It now hosts:

  • The Country Fair.
  • Music events.
  • The town carnival.
  • Schools/educational events.

Centre Vale Park is home to "Lucky", the dog. In 2011, the dog gained a reputation for bringing luck to anyone that touched it. Lucky was featured Channel 4's program hosted by TV Illusionist Derren Brown. People travel far and wide to pat 'Lucky' on the head, hoping to receive good luck. Lucky sits in Samuel Fielden's room, in the remains of the old Centre Vale Mansion, within the Park.

The Safer Cleaner Greener service works with The Friends of Centre Vale Park and the young people within the park. This is to improve its historical features and recreational facilities.

The Friends of Centre Vale Park were awarded funds from the Heritage Lottery. This was used to create a Heritage Trail in the woodland area, which opened in 2018. For more about this, please visit: Friends of Centre Vale Park - Welcome to the Centre Vale Park Heritage Trail.

If you want to know more about the improvements or get involved, please contact us.

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