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The role of the governing body

The governing body:

  • Is responsible for the conduct of its school.
  • Must promote high standards of achievement.
  • Is the school's 'accountable body', as such it:
    • Gives a strategic view of the school by:
      • Putting a vision in place;
      • Setting the purpose and aims of the school within an agreed policy framework.
    • Appoints and performance manages the headteacher, agreeing on the school improvement strategy which includes:
      • Setting statutory targets and the budgets to support them.
      • The staff structures.
    • Will monitor and evaluate the school's work by review of:
      • How well the headteacher is doing.
      • How well the policy framework works.
      • The progress towards targets.
      • How well the school improvement strategy is doing.
    • Signs off the self-evaluation process, responds to school improvement service and Ofsted reports as needed. It also:
      • Holds the headteacher to account for how well the school is doing.
      • Makes sure parents are involved, consulted and informed. Also, that information to the community is given, as needed.

In order to do this, governors need to gain knowledge of how their school operates through:

  • Training.
  • Attending meetings.
  • Getting to know their school community. For example, visit during some school days.

How are governing bodies made up?

Maintained Schools:

  • Parents.
  • Staff (headteacher, teaching and support staff).
  • Local authority.
  • Partnership (for foundation schools only).
  • Foundation (for church and foundation schools).

Pupil Referral Units:

  • Parents.
  • Staff (headteacher, teaching and support staff).
  • Council.
  • Sponsors.
  • Community.


These vary and can be called different names, but the main ones are:

  • Trustees.
  • Members.

Co-opted Governor

These are based on the skills needed by the governing body. Schools appoint these, but we help to find the right candidate.

To do this, a part of our application form lets us add candidates to our database. This is so we can recommend them to schools if they fit their needs.