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Training and development

This is a vital part of becoming an effective governor. It helps to:

  • Deal with the many issues that occur often.
  • Keep up with the changes that take place in education.
  • Support schools to raise their standards.

As a Governor, you play a key role in the life of a school. The job demands a lot in terms of time, skill, energy and commitment.

The training aims to help you to:

  • Do the strategic planning role.
  • Understand and do your accountability role, by giving information when needed.
  • Act as a critical friend in the management of the school.
  • Develop the skills and knowledge needed to be an effective member of a governing body.
  • Work in partnership with senior management, staff, parents, the local community and the diocesan authorities (if needed).

Governors know how important the in-service training for staff is in schools. Yet, they often forget that they are key players in raising standards as well. They also need support and training to an equal degree.

Training programme

All governors and clerks to governing bodies of Calderdale schools can attend these courses. If the school has bought into the Calderdale Governor Support Traded Service, courses are free.

For details on venues, costs and charges, course listings (by term) and courses, contact us.

How to book on a course

Please contact us.

Please note:

  • If a course is full:
    • you will be offered an alternative, if there is one;
    • or the option to go on a waiting list for a cancelled booking.
  • More courses might be offered if it has too many people subscribe to it.
  • Courses might be cancelled if there is not enough interest.

Contact us

Governor Support Administration Officer:

New Governors

You can get support from your governing body and from us. Governing bodies should develop induction packs for you that are specific to each school. Some also arrange for experienced governors to partner you, who can:

  • Make introductions and arrange a visit to the school.
  • Explain how meetings are conducted.
  • Help the new governor to understand and organise the paperwork.
  • Explain the education jargon.
  • Explain the structure of the governing body and how the committees' function.

This authority also offers information, training and advice. Where schools are part of the Service Level Agreement, you will get:

  • A welcome letter with induction information.
  • The school's Instrument of Government (if it is for a maintained school).
  • A copy of the training available.

Induction training for new governors runs once per term.