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Rules and Regulations for Visitors to HWRCs

Find out what you need to do when you visit.

Visitors to Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs) must follow the rules for these sites:

Household waste only

  • HWRCs are for residents to recycle and dispose of unwanted domestic and household waste, free of charge. Household waste is anything you would put in a removal van, if you were moving house.

Closing times

  • Make sure you have time to deposit waste and exit the site before it closes.
  • Gates to these sites can be closed 10 minutes before the closing time. This is to ensure waste is deposited and vehicles have exited by the closing time.


  • It is not permitted for pedestrians to enter our HWRCs.

Important note:

  • Access to any HWRC must be by vehicle only. Pedestrians that want to deposit waste or recycle, should stand at the site entrance. From there, attract the attention of an attendant. They will take your items and deposit them for you.
  • A new resident permit scheme is coming later this year. Until then, you must take proof of Calderdale residency when you use a HWRC. For more details, please see: Resident permit scheme.
  • There are also restrictions as to what vehicles are allowed to enter the sites, see: Vehicle permit scheme.


  • These must not be disposed of in household waste.
  • Note: These should be deposited in a sharps bin. For more details, see: Household collections.

Brick, rubble and soil

Residents can take small quantities from their home to one of the three HWRCs that accept.


This cannot be deposited in the brick and rubble skip. This follows the amended Acts of the Landfill Directive (2008/09) on the safe disposal of gypsum.

You can take small quantities to Brighouse, Halifax and Todmorden only.

Trade waste

Vehicle permit scheme

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