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Resident permit scheme

For residents who use our Household Waste and Recycling Centres (HWRCs).

You must show a resident permit when you visit any HWRC to dispose of your household waste.

  • This is to make sure our HWRCs are only used by Calderdale residents, which helps to keep costs down.
  • Download to your smartphone or print out and show it to site staff on entry to our HWRCs.

This type of permit is free.

How many permits you can have

  • Two per household.

How to apply

What you need

  • Your car registration number.
  • Your Council Tax reference number.

To apply in person, you will also need proof of identity

To apply

Please use this link:

Apply for a permit

Please note: The car registration number will be recorded on the permit. The records will be kept in line with GDPR requirements.

If you do not have your Council Tax reference number

For those without Internet access

  • A friend or relative can apply on their behalf.
  • They can apply in person at a Customer First office or access the Internet at their local library. To check when they are open, please see: Council locations.

How long new permits are valid

  • Until 30th April 2027.

When you need to apply for a new permit

  • After the above date.
  • If you lose your permit.
  • If you change your car.
  • If you move house.

If you forget your permit

You must show proof that you live in Calderdale when you use HWRCs, such as:

  • Council Tax bill;
  • Driver's licence;
  • or any other ID with your address on.

Vans and trailers

If you use these for your household waste, you must have a van permit.

If you have a van permit, you do not need a resident permit for that vehicle.

For more about this, please see: Commercial and van vehicle permit scheme.

Trade and business waste

This should be paid for and disposed of correctly.

Important note: It is illegal for a business to dispose of their waste (free of charge) at a HWRC. HWRCs are only for residents to dispose of their household waste.

For more about this, please see: Trade and business waste.

Residents without cars

There is no access to any HWRC without a vehicle, for safety reasons.

If someone brings waste on behalf of a Calderdale resident, they must have a permit for their own car.


It is illegal to do this and we take enforcement action when we can.

If you see any fly-tipping, report it: Report fly-tipping.

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