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About the service

We offer a chargeable service for residents who would like their garden waste collected from home.

This is for a fortnightly collection of household garden waste which takes place between March and November.

The cost includes a 240-litre green wheelie bin which will be delivered to your home when you subscribe.

The service is an optional, addition to the usual waste and recycling collections. If you would like to receive a garden waste collection you will need to subscribe for a set annual fee. There is no need to contact us if you choose not to join the scheme.

For more information about the service, please read:

If you live in a flat

Flats are generally ineligible for the service. However, if you have a secure storage point and collection point at the edge of the property where it meets the public highway you can subscribe to the service. It may be beneficial to share with others in your block if you do not produce a lot of garden waste. The subscription must be registered and collected from one householder.

If your gardens or green areas are maintained by a commercial landscaping contractor, by law they cannot use this household service and must dispose of the waste through a commercial facility.

Sharing a collection

A resident may choose to make a personal arrangement with a neighbour to share the cost of the service. However, the bin will be registered to one householder who will be responsible for paying for the service and it will be collected from that address.

Assisted collections

If you receive assisted collection for other waste we will automatically add your garden waste to the assisted collection.

If you are not on assisted collection but are physically unable to manage the garden waste bin and no other arrangement can be made, you can apply on our assisted collections page.