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(This content has been translated by a computer program and may not be 100% accurate.)

What happens on collection day

Marking your bin

Make sure that your house number or name is clearly displayed on your bin so it can be identified by the crew and for you to retrieve after collection.

The garden waste service is linked to your address. Once you have subscribed to the garden waste collection, your address will be added to the database which will be sent to the crews in each vehicle. Bins will only be emptied from properties with a valid subscription.

If you suspect other people are using your garden waste bin then report this and an enforcement officer will investigate and respond appropriately.

If someone who hasn’t paid for the service puts a bin out, we will not empty it. We recommend that you clearly mark your bin with your address to deter theft.

Where to leave your green garden waste bin for collection

Garden waste bins should be left at the edge of your property where it meets the public highway, by 6am on the morning of your collection. This should be the same location as your general waste bin.

Your subscription only covers the collection in the green wheelie bin with the lid closed, any extra waste will need to be taken to your local Household Waste Recycling Centre or put in the green wheelie bin for the next collection.

Missed collections

If we are at fault for not emptying your bin, contact us to register a missed collection and we will return to collect it. 

Report a missed waste collection

What happens to the garden waste after it is collected?

Your garden waste is taken to a composting processor where it is turned into a soil improver and used on agricultural land.