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Performing animals

Here you can find guidance and planning requirements for a performing animals premises, including online licence application.

How to apply

Please complete the application form and return with the Licence fees to the Licensing Unit.

Planning requirements

Before apply for Performing Animal Registration, check whether your premises has planning permissions to operate the business.

For advice and guidance on this, please contact Planning Services:

Will tacit authorisation apply?


What happens next?

On receipt of an application, new or an alteration, an Council Officer will contact you within 10 working days. This is to arrange to visit your premises.

In determining whether to grant a registration (or not) the we will consider these issues:

  • The performing animals are from a reputable source, to minimise the risk of disease.
  • The appropriate measures are taken to protect the animals in case of fire or other emergency. This includes the provision of suitable fire fighting equipment.
  • That the register contains the types of animal to be used in performances, both to be trained and exhibited.
  • That health and safety checks are carried out for animals and staff.

These are 'without prejudice' to our discretion to refuse a licence on any other grounds.

Contact us

Any comments you wish to make in respect of these conditions should be sent to:

Licensing, The Licensing Unit, Calderdale MBC:

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