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Pet shops

Conditions and advice about applying for a pet shop licence, including online application.

How to apply

Please complete the application form and return with the Licence fees to the Licensing Unit.

Planning requirements

Before you apply for a Petshop Licence, check your premises has planning permissions to operate the business.

For advice and guidance, contact Planning Services:


Consideration upon application

Local Authorities must have regard to the following when considering an application for a pet shop licence:


Will tacit authorisation apply?


What happens next?

An authorised officer will visit the pet shop. this is to make sure that conditions are being complied with in regard to:

  • isolation;
  • quarantine;
  • food preparation;
  • water feeding;
  • and accommodation.

The Licensing Unit will advise you whether your application has been approved.


You should make an application to renew an existing licence two months before the licence expiry date. An authorised officer will inspect your premises before your licence is renewed.

Any comments that you wish to make in respect of these conditions should be sent by email or post to:

Licensing, The Licensing Unit, Calderdale MBC:

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