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Public Spaces Protection Orders

Find out what these are and where they are in place.

We have a vision for 2024 that our borough should be a great place to live and to visit.

Working together to keep communities safe and to protect the environment – everyone has a part to play.

We work proactively (through the Community Safety Partnership) with partners such as:

  • West Yorkshire Police;
  • and West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service.

This is to prevent crime and disorder order and tackle the harm caused by anti-social behaviour (ASB).

This is critical for us to be able to deliver better outcomes from communities. So where there is a chance to stop the harm before it happens, we will act first. Such action includes the use of the Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs). These are made by local authorities using the provisions of the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014.

A PSPO can prohibit certain behaviour/activity and require action to be taken in a defined area. The first PSPOs were introduced in 2012 and have been reviewed and updated a couple of times, the last being in 2022.

We have seven PSPOs in Calderdale:

  • The Moorland Fire Public Space Protection Order. This is to protect our moorland and upland areas by preventing the risk of fire.
  • Five concern a person in charge of a dog(s). For example, not entering specific areas such as children's playgrounds and failing to clean up after their dog.
  • The consumption of alcohol in a public place or other designated area. This allows Authorised Officers (Police and Council) to require people to stop drinking and surrender their alcohol.

From the consultation held in May 2022, these changes were agreed at the last review:

  • The use of off-road vehicles on Calderdale Moorland area for recreation is currently prohibited. Also, the designated area was extended to include some of Calderdale's beauty spots. This follows on from:
    • The success of the Moorland Fire PSPO;
    • and other issues on the moors that have been identified as having a detrimental effect to the public.
  • For our Dog Control PSPOs, there is now a requirement that:
    • A person in charge of a dog must have with them a means to pick up dog excrement;
    • and lawfully dispose of it.
  • The area where the Alcohol Consumption PSPO applies has been extended. This is due to alcohol related anti social behaviour and disorder in rural areas, so now it applies borough wide.

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