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Welcome to Breastfeed - Calderdale

Find out about Calderdale's breastfeeding award scheme for local venues.

This is a local award scheme. (For more details, please see the News item.)

It is to raise awareness and recognise places across Calderdale where mums are welcomed and supported to breastfeed. The aim is to improve the health and well-being of local families.

We know mums have the legal right to breastfeed anywhere (2010 Equality Act). Though, many do not feel confident doing it in public. Our award scheme aims to make things easier. It will help you find where you will be welcomed when out and about in Calderdale.

Venues across Calderdale are all showing their support and signing up for the award. This includes:

  • Cafes.
  • Restaurants.
  • Libraries.
  • Children's Centres.
  • Leisure centres.

These are places, where a mum can be assured that staff and venue will be supportive of breastfeeding.

Find a venue


Venue Contact Toilet Baby changing facilities Private breastfeeding space Free drinking water
Brighouse Library
  • Address: Halifax Road, HD6 2AF.
  • Phone: (01484) 288060.
Yes Yes Yes No
Rastrick Library
  • Address: 38 Crowtrees Lane, HD6 3NE.
  • Phone: (01484) 714858.
Yes Yes No No
Brighouse Pool and Fitness Centre
  • Address: Woodvale Road, HD6 4AS.
Yes Yes No Yes
Wellholme Family Hub
  • Address: Bradford Road, HD6 4AF.
  • Phone: (01484) 714768.
Yes Yes Yes Yes
My Tribe Studio and Parenting Hub
  • Address: Unit 12 Kirklees Steel Works, Mill Lane, HD6 1PL.
  • Phone: 07973 423708 (mobile).
Yes Yes Yes Yes
The Pottery Spot
  • Address: 44 Park Street, HD6 1JL.
  • Phone: (01484) 400602.
Yes Yes No Yes
Golden Linings
  • Address: 11 Bethel Street, HD6 1JR.
  • Phone: 07967 010576.
Yes Yes Yes Yes
The Edge Play Gym
  • Address: Church Lane, HD6 1AT.
  • Phone: (01484) 400447.
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Babyccinos Jungle Cafe Yes Yes No Yes
St. Matthew's Parish Centre Yes Yes No Yes
St. Martin’s Church
  • Address: 47 Bracken Road, Brighouse, HD6 2HX
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Armytage Arms
  • Address: Towngate, Clifton, HD6 4HX.
  • Phone: 01484 712882.
Yes Yes No Yes


Venue Contact Toilet Baby changing facilities Private breastfeeding space Free drinking water
  • Address: Coronation Street, HX5 0DF.
  • Phone: (01422) 374422.
Yes No No No
Family Hub
  • Address: Boxhall Road, HX5 0BB.
  • Phone: (01422) 266197.
Yes Yes May be available Yes
Morrisons Supermarket
  • Address: 4 Jubilee way, HX5 9DT.
  • Phone: (01422) 229180.
Yes Yes No Yes
Anon Lingerie
  • Address: 6 Victoria Road, HX5 0PU.
  • Phone: (01422) 379681.
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Little Grandma’s Play Gym Yes Yes No Yes
Project Colt
  • Address: Bridgefield Mills, Elland Bridge, HX5 0SG.
  • Phone: (01422) 416519.
Yes No Yes Yes
Coopers Kitchen & Bar
  • Address: 48 Southgate, Elland, HX5 0DQ .
  • Phone: 07947 622393.
Yes Yes No Yes
Elland Community Hub
  • Address: Huddersfield Road, Elland, HX5 9DW.
  • Phone: 07999 059117.
Yes Yes Yes Yes


Venue Contact Toilet Baby changing facilities Private breastfeeding space Free drinking water
Lightcliffe Tea Rooms
  • Address: 101 Wakefield Road, Lightcliffe. HX3 8SH.
  • Phone: (01422) 209148.
Yes Yes No Yes
The Piece Hall
  • Address: Blackledge, HX1 1RE.
  • Phone: (01422) 525200.
Yes Yes Yes Yes. Just ask in cafes, bars and restaurants.
The Trading Rooms (at The Piece Hall)
  • Address: Blackledge,HX1 1RE.
  • Phone: (01422) 414440.
Yes Yes The first aid room in The Piece Hall can be used. Yes, on request
The Deli
  • Address: The Piece Hall, Blackledge, HX1 1RE.
  • Phone: (01422) 525200 (Piece Hall)
Yes, in the Piece Hall Yes, in the Piece Hall. Yes, in the Piece Hall. Yes
The Mill Play Café/The Pottery Cafe
  • Address: Level 1, 1850 Mill, Shaw Lodge Mills, Shaw Lane, HX3 9ET.
  • Phone: (01422) 363523.
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Coffee Culture Mereside
  • Address: Shibden Park, HX3 6XG.
Yes Yes No Yes

Calderdale Register Office

(for families at appointments)

  • Address: Spring Hall Mansion, Huddersfield Road, HX3 0AQ.
  • Phone: (01422) 288080.
Yes Yes No Provided on request.
Beechwood Road Library
  • Address: Beechwood Road, Illingworth. HX2 9BU.
  • Phone: (01422) 244161.
Yes No No No
Ackroyd Library
  • Address: 6 Boothtown Road, HX3 6HG.
  • Phone: (01422) 352277.
Yes Yes No No
Central Library
  • Address: Square Road, HX1 1QG.
  • Phone: (01422) 392633.
Yes Yes No Yes
King Cross Library
  • Address: 151 Haugh Shaw Road, HX1 3BG.
  • Phone: (01422) 288028.
Yes Yes No No
Mixenden Library
  • Address: Clough Lane, HX2 8SH.
  • Phone: (01422) 244694.
No No No No
Northowram Library
  • Address: 1 St Matthew's Drive, Northowram. HX3 7EL.
  • Phone: (01422) 202997.
No No No No
Ash Green Family Hub
  • Address: 1 Sunny Bank Road, Mixenden. HX2 8RX.
  • Phone: (01422) 243941.
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Creations Family Hub
  • Address: Albert Road, Pellon, HX2 0QD.
  • Phone: (01422) 434006.
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Illingworth Family Hub
  • Address: Occupation Lane, Illingworth. HX2 9RI.
  • Phone: (01422) 243633.
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Innovations Family Hub
  • Address: Cousin Lane, HX2 8DQ.
  • Phone: (01422) 248222.
Yes Yes No Yes
Northowram Family Hub 
  • Address: Lydgate, Northowram.
  • Phone: (01422) 434006.
Yes Yes No Yes
Kevin Pearce Family Hub
  • Address: Ovenden Road, HX3 5RQ.
  • Phone: (01422) 252209.
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Creations Family Hub
  • Address: Cousin Lane, HX2 8DQ.
  • Phone: (01422) 248222.
Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Siddal Family Hub
  • Address: Backhold Lane, Siddal. HX3 9DL.
  • Phone: (01422) 395501.
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Boothtown Family Hub
  • Address: Rawson Street, HX3 6PU.
  • Phone: (01422) 250365.
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Little Stars Family Hub
  • Address: Parkinson Lane, HX1 3XL.
  • Phone: (01422) 252022.
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Central Halifax Family Hub at Jubilee
  • Address: Lightowler Road, HX1 5NB.
  • Phone: (01422) 342552.
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Warley Preschool and parent/carer and toddler group
  • Address: Warley St John's Church Hall, Windle Royd Lane, Cote Hill, HX2 7LY.
  • Phone: (01422) 320592.
Yes Yes Yes Yes
The Cakery
  • Address: 5 Victoria Street, West Vale, Greetland. HX4 8DF.
  • Phone: 07891 871902 (mobile).
Yes Yes No Yes
  • Address: Holmfield Mills, Holmfield Road, HX3 6SN.
  • Phone: 07444 776948 (mobile).
Yes No Yes Yes
Sweaty Mama Halifax
  • Address: Scaitcliffe Krumlin Road, Barkisland Halifax HX4 0AX
Yes Yes No Yes
The Spinning Top
  • Address: Old Mill, Suite 1, Wainstalls, HX2 7TJ.
  • Phone: 07703 787521 (mobile).
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Organic Air
  • Address: 159 King Cross Road, King Cross, HX1 3LN.
  • Phone: (01422) 347798.
Yes Yes No Yes
Centred Community
  • Address: Burnley Road, HX6 2TL.
  • Phone: 07738 672898 (mobile).
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Lucy’s Little Bake House Yes Yes No Yes
The Copper Cow
  • Address: 5 Friendly, Sowerby Bridge, HX6 2UG.
  • Phone: (01422) 887000.
  • Facebook: Copper Cow Halifax
Yes Yes No Yes
Calderdale Industrial Museum
  • Address: Square Road, HX1 1QG.
  • Phone: (01422) 384721.
Yes Yes Yes Yes
  • Address: Discovery Road, HX1 2NE.
  • Phone: (01422) 330069.
  • Website: Eureka.
  • Facebook: Eureka Museum.
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Halifax Minster Yes Yes No Yes
Everybody Arts
  • Address: Shaw Lodge Mills, Shaw Lane, HX3 9ET.
  • Phone: (01422) 346900.
  • Website: Everybody Arts.
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Express Yourself Play Studio 
  • Address: 42 Union Street, HX1 1PR.
Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 
The Grayston Unity
  • Address: 8 Horton Street, Halifax, HX1 1PU.
  • Phone: 07807 136520.
  • Website: The Grayston Unity.
Yes  Yes  No Yes 
Calderdale Royal Hospital
  • Address: Salterhebble, Halifax, HX3 0PW.
Yes  Yes  No – but ask staff and will try to accommodate. Yes 
Robinson’s Kitchen
  • Address: Wall Close Farm, Score Hill, Northowram, HX3 7SH.
  • Phone: (01422) 201065.
Yes  Yes  No Yes 

Hebden Bridge

Venue Contact Toilet Baby changing facilities Private breastfeeding space Free drinking water
  • Address: Cheetham Street, HX7 8EP.
  • Phone: (01422) 288040.
Yes Yes No No
Square One Coffee Co.
  • Address: 19-21 St. George's Square, HX78ET.
  • Phone: 07547 711858 (mobile).
Yes No No Yes
Town Hall
  • Address: St. George's Street, HX7 7BY.
  • Phone: (01422) 417300.
Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 
White Lion Hotel
  • Address: Bridge Gate, Hebden Bridge, HX7 8EX
Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 


Venue Contact Toilet Baby changing facilities Private breastfeeding space Free drinking water
Little Foot Day Nursery
  • Address: Luddenden Lane, HX2 6NW.
  • Phone: (01422) 882725.
Yes Yes Yes Yes


Venue Contact Toilet Baby changing facilities Private breastfeeding space Free drinking water
The Blue Teapot
  • Address: Grange Dene, HX7 5LL.
  • Phone: (01422) 883504.
Yes Yes No Yes

Sowerby Bridge

Venue Contact Toilet Baby changing facilities Private breastfeeding space Free drinking water
  • Address: 244-246 Halifax Road, Ripponden. HX6 4BG.
  • Phone: (01422) 750927.
Yes Yes No Yes
Willow Tree Cafe
  • Address: 5 Ryburn Building, HX6 3AH.
  • Phone: (01422) 831732.
Yes Yes (upstairs) Yes (upstairs) Yes
  • Address: Hollins Mill Lane, HX6 2QG.
  • Phone: (01422) 831627.
Yes Yes No Yes
The Little Box Company
  • Address: 15 Asquith Bottom, HX6 3BT.
  • Phone: 07872 955751 (mobile).
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Little Monkeys Play Centre Yes Yes ? Yes
The Turks Head
  • Address: 20 Back Wharfe Street, HX6 2AG.
  • Phone: 07834 483949 (mobile).
Yes No No Yes
The Blind Pig
  • Address: 4 Tower Hill, HX6 2EQ.
  • Phone: 07834 483949 (mobile).
Yes No Yes (upstairs) Yes
Artichoke Natural Foods
  • Address: 11 Ryburn Buildings, HX6 3AH.
  • Phone: 07895 033559 (mobile).
Yes No No Yes
The Copper Cow 


Yes Yes No Yes


Venue Contact Toilet Baby changing facilities Private breastfeeding space Free drinking water
  • Address: The Strand, Rochdale Road, OL14 7UD.
  • Phone: (01706) 815600.
Yes Yes No No
Children’s Centre
  • Address: Todmorden Learning Centre, Burnley Road, OL14 7BX.
  • Phone: (01706) 399970.
Yes Yes A room that can be used. Yes
  • Address: 54 Patmos, Burnley Road, OL14 5EY.
  • Phone: 07733 470087 (mobile).
Yes No No Yes
Bar Amici’s
  • Address: Amici’s, 22 Halifax Road, Todmorden, OL14 5QG
Yes Yes No Yes
Mr Beans
  • Address: 72 Burnley Road, Todmorden, OL14 5HZ
Yes Yes No Yes
  • Address: 1a Wellington Road, Patmos, Todmorden, OL14
Yes Yes No Yes
Playgroup at CE School
  • Address: Todmorden CE J, I and N School, Burnley Road, OL14 7BS.
  • Phone: (01706) 812019.
Yes Yes Yes No


Name Contact Toilet Baby changing facilities Private breastfeeding space Free drinking water

ARTventurers Halifax

(Mobile - various locations)

Yes Yes No Yes

All venues that sign up to the award must agree to the venue checklist below.

Benefit of joining the scheme

For venues

  • It can make a noticeable improvement to customer service. The National Breastfeeding Welcome Scheme found that:
    • Staff trained to support breastfeeding mums were more likely to apply this to all customers.
    • An increase in customer satisfaction can only be a good thing.
  • They also found that when breastfeeding venues stood out for all the right reasons, they attracted more customers. Mums who found the atmosphere supportive were more likely to recommend venues to their family and friends.
  • Being part of the scheme is free and easy to do. You will be given all the promotional materials, along with support and guidance when you need it.

For mums and babies

  • Breastfeeding is free and mums do not need any special equipment to do it. This makes feeding when out and about easy, as mums can breastfeed anywhere.
  • The health benefits for both mum and baby are immense. It can help reduce the risk of ear, chest and gut infections for babies. For mum it can help reduce the risk of breast and ovarian cancer.
  • Breastfeeding releases a hormone called oxytocin which helps promote feeling of calmness and relaxation in both mum and baby.

These are some of the positive comments mums have told us about venues that welcome them to breastfeed their babies:

Very welcoming and friendly made breastfeeding very easy and comfortable.

The lady always offers you a glass of water when she sees that you are breastfeeding. Which I think is really considerate.

Felt comfortable.

How to sign up to the award scheme

Your venue will need to agree to the points on the checklist below.

Then complete the pledge to sign up to the scheme:

Apply to be a Welcome to Breastfeed venue

We will then contact you and you will be able to:

  • Access a short training video to share with staff so they are informed about the award scheme.
  • Receive a promotional window sticker to display in your venue.
  • Have your venue's details featured on the Family Information Service directory as being a Welcome to breastfeed Calderdale venue.
  • Contact the infant feeding team for further advice, support and guidance.

Venue checklist

  • Babies can be breastfed in any public area within your venue.
  • A breastfeeding mum will not be asked to move to another area or asked to stop breastfeeding in your venue.
  • All your staff will be aware of the scheme and offer support to meet breastfeeding mum's needs.
  • You and your staff will respond sensitively if comments are made about breastfeeding that are not appropriate.
  • The public will be made aware that your venue is part of the award scheme. This will be through the display of promotional material and by the venue being listed on the online directory.
  • Your venue will agree to be reviewed by local breastfeeding mums.
  • Your venue will make sure that their staff are supported if they are breastfeeding while in employment.

Could your venue offer a private space or room?

This is not required to be part of the award scheme. It is an optional extra, if space in your venue allows.*

If yes, can you offer:

  • A room that is clean, warm and comfortable which is available all of the time for breastfeeding mums?
  • A room which is close to a toilet (but not in it) with baby changing facilities?
  • A room which could offer water, either by tap or glass provided by the venue?

*If you can offer a private space for mums to breastfeed, they then have a choice, which is great.

  • Ideally the private space should be close to the toilets, but not in them. Also, not a baby changing room, as dads may go in there.
  • Adapt a corner of your venue to feel more private using a bookcase or potted plants.
  • We asked mums what they what they want in a breastfeeding friendly venue. They mainly said, "a comfy chair in a clean space".

Leave feedback for a venue

Please let us know how your visit to a venue in the scheme went, email:

Nominate a venue for the scheme


For any queries or to sign up to the award scheme: 

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