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Ageing Well

This section covers topics that can affect Calderdale's older population.

Below are some key issues that relate to the section.

This will be updated as new information and chapters are added.

Key Messages


This is a reoccurring theme in the 2016 older people's JSNA.

  • It is suggested that poor access to transport increases loneliness and isolation in Calderdale.
  • It could also prevent people accessing falls prevention classes.

Mental health and wellbeing

Issues related to this are often raised in the JSNA chapters, which includes:

  • No psychological support in the hospital for patients after a stroke.
  • High levels of depression and anxiety among 'Staying Well' service users.

Access to information and advice

This is can be seen as an issue in every chapter in the JSNA sections for older people's.

  • In particular is the need for a single database of local services/single point of access.


In Calderdale, current estimates suggest 18% is ages 65 or over. By 2037, this is forecast to grow to 25%.

Rate of injuries due to falls

In people aged 65 - 79 this is 202 per 100,000. This is much higher than similar local authorities*.

References and notes

All the information can be found within the chapters that make up the Health section of the JSNA.

*PHE 2016: Ageing Well Pack

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