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Free bus and train pass

Find out about concessionary bus and train passes if you are a Calderdale resident that is blind or disabled.


  • Free travel on buses at off-peak times (West Yorkshire and England).
  • Half-fare travel on trains in West Yorkshire (off-peak times only).


Free travel on:

  • Buses and trains (any time) in West Yorkshire.
  • Buses (off-peak) in England.

To check if you can get either of the above passes, visit: Blind and disabled passes (Metro).


People with Blind or Disabled passes who cannot travel alone may be entitled to a companion pass. This gives the same concessions when they travel with you.

How to apply

Visit: Blind and Disabled Passes (Metro).

Please note: For a regular senior pass, visit: Apply for or Renew a Senior Pass (Metro). 

What you need when you apply

  • Proof of address, such as a recent gas or electric bill (or allow us to check your Council Tax records)
  • One proof of disability. You can upload the proof if you apply online:
    • Blue badge parking permit.
    • Certificate of visual impairment.
    • Letter to show DLA (higher rate mobility component).
    • Letter to show PIP (minimum 8 points against 'moving around' or 'communicating verbally' part of PIP).
    • Armed Forces Compensation Scheme (tariff 1-8).
    • Veteran's Constant Attendance Allowance.
    • If you apply under the learning disabilities criteria, we need a letter from:
      • Social Services or Health Service.
      • A Special Educational Needs (SEN) statement from the school you attend (if applicable).

If you do not have one of the above, we need confirmation that you are eligible from a:

  • Medical practitioner.
  • or health care professional.

Note: The Council cannot refund any costs you have to pay to get this evidence.

Renew your pass

If your pass is due to expire, you can renew it up to 90 days before the expiry date.

Visit: Blind and Disabled Passes (Metro).

Lost and stolen passes

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