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Adult social care services

Find out how and when the Council can support you and your family's social care needs.

Our aim is for people to have the greatest degree of choice and control over their lives. We also want to make sure that we are meeting our responsibility to safeguard vulnerable people in our communities.

Despite some difficult and ongoing challenges, we want to:

  • provide social care that places people as fully as possible in control of their lives;
  • and make sure that what we do is fair for everyone.

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Gateway to Care

Adults in Calderdale can get information on all aspects of social services through our Gateway to Care service. 

Through our Gateway to Care service you can find information on:

  • Current health and social care plans.
  • Strategies and plans.
  • Advice on accessing your personal records.

See: Gateway to Care.

Better Lives service

This service offers an informal and innovative way to get social care solutions that you need.

The service is run by social workers. It is a place where you can call in for information and advice on what services there are in Calderdale. It is also a chance to meet other people.

This scheme offers support near to where you live at an early stage. It is to promote well-being and prevent or delay future health issues. This is to help you to:

  • Stay independent for longer.
  • Avoid stays in hospital or care homes.

The team of social workers can:

  • Point you in the direction of the services that you need.
  • Give advice and support with finding resources or community groups in your area.

Reporting performance

Our performance is monitored both nationally and locally in a variety of ways. This is to make sure we give high-quality services that adults, who require services from us, need. Also, those services are given in a way that lets you stay in control of your life.

Local performance reporting

We work with other councils in the Yorkshire and Humber Region. This is so we can learn from each other and develop best practice.

To help us make sure our performance stays on track, we develop a suite of service plans. These are updated annually and contain key areas for improvement. They are linked into the Council's Planning Framework.

National performance reporting

At the national level, we give annual returns for things like:

  • Direct payments.
  • Home care.
  • Residential and nursing care.
  • How quickly we deal with assessments.

Each year we make a Local Account that reports on the quality of adult social care for residents in Calderdale.

Local Account

A yearly report that brings together information on how the Council supports adults with social care needs, in Calderdale.

It shows that:

  • We have a good level of self-awareness in the areas of good practice;
  • and where improvement is needed.

It shows the types of services that are there to help people to be as safe and independent as possible.

It reviews what we have done in the past year. It also covers our new priorities and what we are planning to do in the future.

In Calderdale, we call our Local Account "Your Life, Your Support" and follows the social care journey. This starts with what happens when someone first contacts us. It explains what social care is and gives advice so people can do things for themselves if they want to.

Note: The 'Local Account' only covers adult services.

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