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Internet and computing

Our libraries offer access to the Internet. They also offer volunteer-led tuition to help customers become more confident at using PCs, tablets and smartphones.

Free Internet Access

  • Peoples Network. Use one of the PCs that we have in all our libraries. To use this you must agree to our Acceptable Use Policy. Please note: It will filter content in line with Council guidelines.
  • Wifi. Hook up your laptop, tablet or phone at any library. We also have power points at many desks.
  • Loan a tablet. For use in Central Library only.

Printing and scanning

  • Print via Wifi. Send documents to print from your device. You can do this at our larger libraries and it will soon be rolled out at them all.
  • Print in colour. You can do this at most of our libraries.
  • Scan documents and photos. All you need is a USB stick.

Help with using a PC

Book a 1-1 session with one of our volunteers and get help with:

  • Emails and attachments.
  • Using the Internet.
  • Online job search. You can also attend our job club at Central Library.
  • Family history.
  • Mobile phones.

To find out when and where sessions are held:

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