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Here you can find out about the photocopying facility we offer.


Black and white or colour per sheet.

  • 10p for A4.
  • 20p for A3.

Photocopying and copyright

The question of copyright should always be considered before making a copy. If you are not sure your copying is legal, ask a member of library staff.

Copyright law protects authors and publishers from theft or abuse of their intellectual property. If in copyright, what can be copied is restricted.

Guidelines for a non-commercial purpose

Literary works

For personal study or research only:

  • You cannot make more one copy.
  • It should not be more than a "reasonable" proportion of the whole work.

The Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP) advises these limits:

  • Journals and periodicals - one article from any one issue.
  • Published works - one chapter or 5% of the work.

Ordnance Survey maps

Where a map is in copyright, you can make:

  • four copies (maximum);
  • A4 size (maximum).

Note: This must only be for personal and non-commercial use.

No copies (electronic or paper) can be taken in libraries for planning applications. For this purpose you must get them from the Planning Portal.

Guidelines for a commercial purpose

By law, copying for a commercial purpose must have:

  • prior permission from the copyright owner;
  • or payment of a copyright fee.

The Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) Sticker Scheme

This gives a simple way to pay a copyright fee and lawfully copy extracts from books, magazines or journals.

You can do this in the Local Studies department at Central Library. There are exceptions that are not covered. Our staff can advise on the use of the scheme.

To help you decide whether your copying is for a commercial purpose

The Copyright Licensing Agency and the British Library have jointly prepared some FAQs, visit: Copyright Licensing Agency.

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