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Halifax town centre on-street parking

Find details for on-street parking in Halifax town centre.

To find any parking location on this page, please see: Streets map.

Disabled (Blue Badge) parking

Designated bays for Blue Badge holders can be found on:

  • Alexandra Street, Carlton Street, Commercial Street, Corporation Street, Gaol Lane;
  • George Square, Harrison Road, Northgate, Old Market, Rawson Street, St James Road;
  • Thomas Street, Trinity Road, Wade Street, Wards End and Westgate.

Loading bays

Designated bays for loading can be found on:

  • Albion Street, Alexandra Street, Commercial Street, Horton Street, John Street;
  • King Edward Street, Market Street, Northgate, Old Cock Yard, Powell Street;
  • Princess Street, Shakespeare Street, Union Street, Waterhouse Street and Westgate.

These bays are for loading and unloading only and this must be seen to be taking place. Note: Check street signs for local restriction times.


Designated, secure, motorcycle parking bays can be found on Silver Street. However, motorcycles can park in any pay and display bay, on or off-street, free.

Note: Parking motorcycles in spaces reserved for other users, on public footpaths and in pedestrian areas is not permitted.

Pay and Display bays

Charging times:

  • Halifax Town Centre (1, 2 and 4 hour bays) Restrictions apply from Monday to Sunday between 8am and 8pm (includes Bank Holidays).
  • Halifax Outer area (10 hour bays) Restrictions apply from Monday to Saturday between 8am and 6pm (except Bank Holidays).

Method of Payment: Cash or APCOA Connect app.

Tariff bands

Maximum stay Tariff
1 or 2 hours £1 per 30 minutes.
4 hour 80p per hour.
10 hour Monday to Friday 50p per hour or £3.50 over 7 hours.

Saturday 50p per hour or £2.50 over 5 hours


Street name Maximum stay (hours) Contract Permit valid
Akroyd Place 2 No
Alexandra Street 1 No
Alfred Street East 4 No
Back Lord Street 4 No
Berwick Street 4


Blackwall - -
- (between Harrison Road and Trinity Place) 4 No
- (between Trinity Place and Bull Close Lane) 10 Yes
Bowling Dyke 10 Yes
Bull Close Lane - -
- (between Ferguson Street and Regent Street) 4 No
- (between Regent Street and West Parade) 10 Yes
Carlton Place 4 No
Carlton Street 4 No
Carlton Terrace 4 No
Causeway 10 Yes
Central Street 2 No
Chapeltown 10 Yes
Clare Road - -
- (between New Road and Prescott Street) 4 No
- (between Prescott Street and Hunger Hill) 10 Yes
Coleridge Street 4 No
Commercial Street 1 No
Corporation Street 10 Yes
Cripplegate 10 Yes
Cross Hills 10 Yes
Crossley Street 2 No
Crown Street 2 No
Delph Street 10 Yes
Dispensary Walk 4 No
George Street 2 No
Gibbet Street 10 Yes
Great Albion Street 4 No
Hall Street 10 Yes
Hanover Street 10 Yes
Harrison Road 4 No
High Street 10 Yes
Horton Street 2 No
Hunger Hill 10 Yes
King Cross Street 10 Yes
King Street 10 Yes
Lee Bridge 10 Yes
Lister Lane 10 Yes
Lord Street 10 Yes
Mount Street 4 No
Mulcture Hall Road 10 Yes
New Road 4 No
Northgate - -
- (opposite Dews Garage) 4 No
- (between Old Market and Crossley Street) 1 No

Old Lane/Bowling Dyke

10 Yes
Old Market 1 No
Oxford Road 10 Yes
Pine Street 4 No
Powell Street - -
- (between Rawson Street and Fountain Street) 2 No
- (between Fountain Street and Trinity Street) 4 No
Prescott Street 4 No
Princess Street 1 No
Rawson Street 2 No
Regent Street 4 No
Silver Street 2 No
Skircoat Road - -
- (Outbound) 10 Yes
- (Inbound) Due to the bus lane, parking is only allowed from:

  • 10am to 4pm - Monday to Friday.
  • 8am to 6pm - Saturdays.
St James Court 10 Yes
St James Road (between St James Street and Broad Street) 4 No
St James Road(near St James Court) 10 Yes
St James Street 10 Yes
South Parade 10 Yes
Town Hall Street East 2 No
Union Street - -
- (between Horton Street and Westgate) 1 No
- (between New Road and Horton Street) 4 No
Union Street South 10 Yes
Upper Kirkgate 4 No
Victoria Street 4 No
Wade Street 4 No
Wards End 2 No
Waterhouse Street 2 No
Wellington Street South 10 Yes

Note: Please check tariffs at the Pay and Display machine.

Pedestrian Area

Cheapside, Corn Market, part of Crown Street, Russell Street and Southgate form part of the Halifax town centre pedestrian area.

  • Vehicle access to this area is restricted.
  • This is to help make the town centre a safe, secure and attractive place for pedestrians.


No vehicle can enter between 10am and 4pm daily, unless exempt.

Vehicles are permitted access between 4pm and 10am for loading/unloading purposes only.

Deliveries - loading and unloading

  • This must be carried out before 10am or after 4pm. (Access will be restricted from 9.30am, to make sure vehicles have time to unload and exit the area before 10am.)
  • It should be a constant activity of heavy/bulky goods that cannot reasonably be carried from outside the restricted area.

Designated Loading bays can be found on all roads that surround the pedestrian area. For specific locations, please loading bays.


To help manage vehicle movements within the area, there are rise/fall bollards. These are in place to restrict access.

  • They will always be raised. At times they may be lowered due to a fault or for maintenance, but access is still restricted.
  • Access is given through the intercom system. Please be patient, the operator may be dealing with another request at another location.

Important: Once access is given, wait for bollards to be fully lowered before driving over them, do not tailgate. Cameras monitor the area and any damage to bollards, due to not waiting will be charged to the vehicle owner.

Formal parking restrictions

A 'No waiting at any time (yellow lines), no loading between 10am and 4pm' restriction is in place. This is throughout the area and is shown on the entry signs.


Enforcement of the area is undertaken whether the bollards are up or down.

Please note: A Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) may be issued to a vehicle if it is seen in the:

  • Restricted area between 10am and 4pm, without being authorised by Parking Services.
  • Restricted area between 4pm and 10am and;
    • not actively loading/unloading goods;
    • and has not been authorised by Parking Services.

Vehicle that are exempt (liveried vehicles):

  • Emergency Services.
  • Highway Maintenance.
  • Utility.
  • Refuse.
  • Royal Mail.
  • Security.

Also, for vehicles that need access to private off-street parking areas, such as behind businesses:

  • Access to move through the area will be granted, but these movements should be kept to a minimum.
  • Be aware that there is no parking exemption on the actual highway.

Note: All businesses in (or work in) the area are asked to inform their suppliers about the above.

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