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Completed work without building regulations

Regularisation applications

Regularisation applications are only available for use with Calderdale Building Control Services as part of an enforcement process, when the building work has been completed without a Building Regulations submission. It must be stressed this is not a recommended route to take as it could cause you financial cost, time delays and inconvenience at a later date.

Loft conversions and structural alterations, such as the removal of a chimney breast are common alterations, which are overlooked with regards to Building Regulations. Not only will it prove difficult to sell your house, but also the building work may be unsafe and fail to comply with the regulations. The work in question may have to be opened up, with surfaces and decoration being disturbed, to allow inspection of the structure which could cause you distress, inconvenience, time and money.

If your work does not have Building Regulation consent it could become very difficult to sell your house. At best, the sale will be delayed while you gain a Regularisation Certificate. The worst scenario is that the sale of the house could fall through with your buyer looking elsewhere.

Even if you feel your work does not require Building Regulation Approval it is always better to ask; contact Building Control Services.


Due to the complexity of the work involved, contact us to find out the cost of a Regularisation Fee.

Regularisation only applies to work which commenced on or after 11 November 1985.

Depending on the type of work undertaken, plans and details of the work may be required. If any plans are available it is recommended that these are included with the application.

Your application should consist of the following: