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Post-16 transport provision

Here you can find out what transport is available for post-16 education.

No learner should be stopped from having further education due to a lack of support for school or college travel.

The Post-16 transport provision sets out the policy for the assistance available for post-16 learners that live in Calderdale. This is reviewed on an annual basis.

There is no automatic entitlement for free home to school or college transport for Post 16 students. The Local Authority support students through subsidised concessionary fares, the most popular being the Under 19 Bus Only Ticket.

If you can't afford to pay for bus fares each school or college has a 16-19 bursary fund. A student may be eligible to access this fund and should approach the educational establishment directly. 

To apply

To apply for the Under 19 Bus Only Ticket, visit: WY Metro.


Name Email/ website Telephone
Transport Operations Team (Calderdale) 01422 393532
West Yorkshire Combined Authority (Metro) WY Metro 0113 2457676
C & K Careers 01484 225500
Calderdale College Calderdale College website 01422 357357
Nelson & Colne (as stated by Student Services) WY Metro 0113 2457676
Burnley College (Student Services) WY Metro 01282 733333
Kirklees College (as stated by Student Services) WY Metro 0113 2457676
Greenhead College (First & K-Line from Calderdale) WY Metro 0844 8004411
New College (Huddersfield, from Calderdale) Huddersfield New College website 01484 652341

For transport related enquiries for Calderdale sixth form provision, please contact Transport Operations Team (details above).

Exceptional circumstances

Transport assistance will be considered If you are unable to use public transport because of individual circumstances / needs and may be provided in exceptional circumstances. Please contact:


Each year, before we make a statement for the next academic year, we want the views of:

  • Learners (of sixth form age in the next academic year) and their families.
  • Learners with SEN (aged 19-25) and their families.

This is, as well as, consulting the transport partner representatives. It will take place on the Council website via Engage. Schools and colleges will also be asked to let parents and learners know about it.

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