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Activities and classes

Choose from a wide range of activities. There is something for every body.


20 minutes of three different disciplines of exercise to music. Great for burning fat and getting fit.

360 Fitness

Joint stabilising, strength and toning work that’s simple to follow and delivers results.


Aerobic conditioning to strengthen your heart, increase your fitness and burn fat.


Aquafit is an effective, low impact way to get fit with reduced strain on bones, joints and muscles.

Ballroom dance class

Social ballroom and sequence class suitable for all. A good all round exercise both physically and mentally.

Body Blast

A conditioning full body approach to toning to strengthen and develop muscle.

Body conditioning

Resistance training to work the whole body. Using dumbells, barbells and body weight.


Boost endurance, build muscle, or improve agility with our station based circuit workout.

Fitness Pilates

This adapts and modifies the exercises of traditional Pilates for a challenging yet enjoyable class.


Two forms of exercise to music performed back to back…30 mins of each!

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