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Local land charges

The Local Land Charges Register holds information about charges held against property.

Our turnaround time is around 5 to 10 working days for a Full Local Authority Search.

Full Local Authority Searches

  • Requests should be made online, rather than by post.
  • Payment should be made via BACS (details available on request) and not by cheque.

Personal Searches

Please note: There is no longer an appointment system. However, you can access the Local Land Charges Register and other systems at: Halifax Central Library. (Check this link for their current opening times.)

Please limit your slot to one hour only.

  • If you go to CON29, it will give you information on how to access most CON29 information online. It also tells you which Service Area to contact to answer your remaining CON29 Environmental Information Regulations (EIR) questions.
  • When emailing a Service with an EIR request, you must:
    • Attach a map of the search area and give details of the information you need.
    • Put 'EIR request and the site address' in the Subject box.
    • Include a list of the CON29 questions you need answering.
  • We still expect customers to source information themselves, where it is available online.


  • We aim to deal with all EIR requests in date order. Please do not chase your request until the turnaround period has passed. This will allow staff to focus on returning searches.
  • If your EIR request is extremely urgent please ask your search provider to contact the Service. We try to prioritise urgent requests.

Customers will be directed to information held online, where possible for personal searches. Also for Full Local Authority Searches that include CON29O questions.

For many of the CON29O questions you can source the information yourself. Where the information is not publicly available or you have an 'Additional Question', there is a fee of £50/question. For information on each question, see: CON29O.

About this service

The Local Land Charges Service provides full local authority searches.

  • These are usually needed when you buy a property.
  • They give you information about planning applications, planned developments, highway schemes and financial charges that affect the property.

They will often be arranged by your solicitors, when they are dealing with your house purchase. They make sure you are aware of all relevant facts about the property, before you decide to buy.

They are usually requested by your solicitor/licensed conveyancer and they will need a:

  • A Full Local Authority search to be carried out;
  • or they will organise a 'personal search' to be carried out.

CON29 and CON29O questions

For the full list of CON29 questions that can be answered, see: CON29.

For the full list of CON29O (optional) questions that can be answered, see: CON29O.

How to check if Planning Conditions have been complied with

You can search planning application documents to see if compliance with conditions has been confirmed or not, see: Public Access.

  • After 2010 applications had to be submitted to establish compliance. (These have the suffix COMP or DISC).
  • Before this point it was done informally by letter. Not all documents on pre-2010 applications are available online. To request these, email:

If it is not clear if the conditions have been met, you can make a formal application to confirm this. There is a fee for this application of:

  • £34 for householder applications (the original permission will have a reference number and a suffix of HSE).
  • £116 for all other types.

To do this, you can:

  1. Apply and pay online via the Planning Portal.
  2. Use a downloadable form from the Planning Portal.
  3. Email your request to: Quote the original planning permission number and phone to pay, as above.

Please note: The process takes around eight weeks. If you apply as part of the conveyancing process, do it as soon as possible to avoid any delays.


Service Fee (as of 17th July 2017) VAT element
Local authority full search £168.20 (includes VAT) £24.20
Local land charge search (LLC1) £23 N/A
LLC1 additional parcel of land £1 N/A
CON29 - required enquiries £145.20 (includes VAT) £24.20
*CON29 - optional enquiries £50 each (includes VAT) £8.33
CON29 - additional enquiry £50 (includes VAT) £8.33
Con 29 - additional parcel of land £37 (includes VAT) £6.17
Personal search No charge N/A
*Clarification questions £100 (includes VAT) £16.67

*Where further clarification is required on a response to a search. This will cover the costs of any documentation that is made available.


Web chat: Our advisers are available to help, Monday to Friday, between 9am and 5pm. Chat now

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