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Voter identification

Here you can find out what photo ID you can use at polling stations and what to do if you have none.

All voters must show accepted photographic identification (photo ID) at polling stations, before they are given a ballot paper.

For a short video about this, visit: Voter ID - what you and your residents need to know (YouTube).

Please note: You do not need photo ID for postal voting.

Photo ID

What will be accepted includes:

  • Passport issued by:
    • The UK;
    • any Channel Island;
    • the Isle of Man;
    • a British Overseas Territory;
    • an EEA state;
    • or a Commonwealth country.
  • Driving licence issued by:
    • The UK;
    • any Channel Island;
    • the Isle of Man;
    • or an EEA state.
  • Biometric immigration document.
  • Identity card bearing the Proof of Age Standards Scheme hologram (a PASS card).
  • Ministry of Defence Form 90 (Defence Identity Card).
  • Blue Badge.
  • National identity card issued by an EEA state.
  • Bus Pass:
    • Older Person's;
    • and Disabled Person's.
  • Oyster 60+ Card.
  • Freedom Pass.
  • Scottish National Entitlement Card.
  • Welsh Concessionary Travel Cards:
    • 60 and Over;
    • and Disabled Person's.
  • Northern Ireland issued:
    • Electoral Identity Card;
    • and SmartPasses for:
      • Senior;
      • Registered Blind or Blind Person's;
      • War Disablement or War Disabled;
      • 60+;
      • Half Fare.
  • Voter Authority Certificate or a temporary Voter Authority Certificate

Please note: Any document that does not appear on this list cannot be accepted.

If your photo ID has expired

It will still be accepted as long as the photo is still a good likeness of you.

Get free photo ID to vote

You can apply for a free voter ID document, known as a 'Voter Authority Certificate', if:

  • you do not already have an accepted form of photo ID;
  • or you are not sure whether your photo ID still looks like you.

To apply, visit: Apply for photo ID to vote (GOV.UK).

You can also complete a paper application and send this to electoral services.

If you need any help to apply or want an application form, please come along to:

  • Halifax Customer First

    19 Horton Street


    HX1 1QE


Please apply in good time. You must have accepted ID for the Local and Combined Authority Mayoral Elections on Thursday 2nd May 2024. The deadline to apply for a Voter Authority Certificate is Wednesday 24th April 2024 (5pm).

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