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Healthy Early Years Support (HEYS)

A service for mums or dads with their first child who need extra support.

Who this is for

Any parent with their first child, either during pregnancy or in the child's first year, who need some extra support. You can be referred to HEYS by your Midwife, Health Visitor or another service, such as College or Housing Support.

Note: If you are a referring agent, please check our service criteria:

What you can expect

A flexible support service shaped to meet the needs of you and your child. We can support you until you feel ready to leave the service.

You can come back to us if you feel you want support again, up to your child being 5 years old.

We offer:

  • One-to-one support from a HEYS Key Worker.
  • A personal action plan building on your strengths.
  • Practical and emotional support.
  • A focus on health and well-being of the whole family.
  • Help to access services.
  • Support at home or in the community.

What we expect from you

  • An agreement for you and your child to engage with the service.
  • To be open and honest.
  • To agree a plan of support that enables you to parent to the best of your ability.

The team

As a team, we have lots of knowledge and experience of supporting families with young children. Most of us are parents ourselves too.

The benefits of having a HEYS Key Worker

Support in pregnancy

We will:

  • Be there for you, to listen to your hopes and fears about becoming a first-time parent.
  • Offer you support on all the things facing you when becoming a new parent, like:
    • feeding your baby;
    • bonding;
    • and safe sleeping.

Emotional health and wellbeing

You will have lots of different feelings about becoming a new parent, it is a life changing event!

We will:

  • Support you to cope with the everyday things like household budgeting, money worries and your housing.
  • Help you look after your well-being, so you can support your child to grow to be healthy and happy.

Parenting and bonding

During the first weeks, months and years, you and your child will be learning to get to know one another. Spending time together reading, playing, singing or talking are all great ways for you and your child to bond.

We will be there for you along your journey together, to share tips on:

  • Parenting;
  • child development;
  • and attachment.

We can give you tips for active play and making your home a safer place.

Being healthy

Eating healthy food and being active each day are important for your health and that of your child. We can support you with:

  • Breastfeeding;
  • weaning;
  • and practical healthy cooking skills.

Find out more

If you feel you want some support, please speak to your Midwife or Health Visitor. They can complete a referral form for HEYS with you. For more about this, please email:

West Yorkshire Healthier Together. A free website developed by local healthcare professionals to help parents and carers keep their children safe and healthy. It has advice on common childhood illnesses and includes when and where to go for help.

To find out what we do with your personal details, please read: Family Intervention Team - Privacy Notice.

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