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Relationships Matter

The national Reducing Parental Conflict programme aimed at helping family relationships.

Relationships Matter was set up to raise awareness of the negative impact on children of damaging and poorly resolved parental conflict.

Locally, it is called Calderdale Relationships Matter.

We want to help parents improve the quality of their relationships as all family members could benefit from this.

Why relationships matter

  • Our personal relationships are one of the most important aspects of our lives. We often forget or misunderstand just how crucial our connections with other people are for our happiness.
  • Good relationships make us content and fulfilled, but poor relationships can make us feel sad, afraid or lonely.

When family life is good, children thrive and if parents get on well together, it is better for the children. They are likely to feel more secure, happier, healthier and do better at school.

Children who see adults working out relationship problems in a constructive way are more likely to follow their example. They will then have better relationships with others and enjoy life more.

Research has shown that outcomes are not good when children and adults are exposed to poor relationships.

  • Sometimes it can be hard to separate parental conflict and domestic abuse.
  • Our programme is for those relationships where things are mostly respectful, equal and the adults cooperate, but have problems.

Online resource for parents

The Relationship Matters website has resources in different, which include:

  • tips for getting on better;
  • online training course;
  • and links to more specialist resources.

Arguments in families can be caused by lots of different factors and parents may need more help. In Calderdale, we support parents who live together or are separated. We want to help deal with problems before they become serious.

To see the full range of services, see: Calderdale Early Intervention.

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