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School Streets

Find all you need to know about the School Streets initiative here.

What are School Streets?

These are streets where new access restrictions have been introduced as part of the national School Streets Initiative. It is a community-based approach that aims to:

  • Reduce car usage and air pollution;
  • promote walking and cycling;
  • and boost road safety, health and well-being.

All schemes that are introduced have the support of the school and local councillors. They have proved popular and effective elsewhere, as well as in our trial with Calderdale Schools in June 2020. For more about this, read our blog: Safer, Greener and More Active: Calderdale School Streets Trial.

Why are you introducing these?


  • Continue our efforts to work with schools to keep pupils safe on their journey to school.
  • Encourage parents to avoid driving their children to school to create a safer area outside school.

Our School Streets scheme will also help children, families and school staff to socially distance during the COVID crisis.

This also supports our on-going work to:

  • Tackle the climate emergency.
  • Improve air quality.
  • Become the most active borough in the North by 2024 through the Active Calderdale movement.

How does it work?

We restrict access to traffic outside some schools at opening and closing times.

This will be done using Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) to temporarily close some roads to remove traffic outside of schools. These measures will only be in place during term time at the school's opening and closing times. (These times can vary at each school.) Also, they will only be introduced if safe and possible to do so.

  • Vehicles cannot drive through these roads to drop off or pick up children from the school.
  • Parents/carers must consider other ways, like walking, cycling or parking further away.

We ask people not to drive on School Streets during restricted times (if possible), even if you have a permit.

If you are resident directly affected and do need to use your car during the restricted times, please:

  • Clearly display your permit or Blue Badge in your windscreen.
  • Stop and wait for the barriers to be safely removed.
  • Drive at no more than 5 miles per hour.

Which schools and colleges will this affect?

School/college Restricted Road Date Effective From
Christ Church, Pellon. Sandbeds Road. 14th September 2023
Cornholme J and I, Todmorden. Carrfield Villas 10th October 2022
Lee Mount Primary, Halifax. Lee Mount Road. 7th September 2021
Beech Hill Primary, Halifax. Mount Pleasant Street. 7th June 2022
Savile Park Primary, Halifax. Moorfield Street. 7th June 2022
Trinity Academy, Sowerby Bridge. Albert Road. 28th June 2021
Abbey Park J and I, Illingworth, Halifax. Keighley Close. 7th September 2020
St Joseph's Catholic Primary, Boothtown, Halifax. Portland Road and Prospect Street. 7th September 2020
Longroyde Primary, Rastrick, Brighouse. Longroyde Road. 8th September 2020
Withinfields Primary, Southowram, Halifax. Withinfields. 7th September 2020
St Mary's Catholic Primary, Halifax. Swires Road. 8th September 2020
Holy Trinity Primary, Halifax. Swires Road. 8th September 2020
Akroyden Primary, Halifax. Rawson Street North and Grantham Road. 5th October 2020
Salterhebble J and I, Halifax. Stafford Square. To be confirmed.
Burnley Road J and I, Mytholmroyd. Red Acre Lane. 3rd November 2020
St Malachy's Catholic Primary, Halifax. Furness Place. 8th September 2020
Northowram Primary, Northowram. Baxter lane. 8th September 2020
Warley Road Primary, Halifax. Harewood Place. 21st September 2020
Shade Primary, Todmorden. Knowlwood Road. 18th October 2020

To find out more or ask for a school to be added, email:

New development

We have been monitoring traffic levels and pupil movement on the roads around Wainstalls School. This follows concerns that have been raised about traffic volume and road safety. We want to provide an environment outside the school that is:

  • A safe space;
  • supports the community;
  • and will encourage and support pupils to walk to school.

After our initial proposals for a School Street last year, we have listened to your views. We have been working with the school and local business to look at a plan that will benefit the community.

The proposed scheme will involve:

  • Turning Tree Lane into a one way road;
  • and putting extra parking restrictions along Wainstalls Road.

The school will encourage parents to follow a one way system, creating a school staffed drop-off and pick-up area. This is to create a less congested space that is safer and more enjoyable for pupils to walk to school.

For a drawing of the draft proposal, please see:

School street permits

You must apply for a permit if:

  • You are a resident within a property that is affected by the closure;
  • and need access along the road during closure times, due to no alternative route

Note: Blue Badge holders do not have to apply for a permit and can access School Streets at any time. (Badge must be displayed.)

Access for emergency services and utility vehicles will be permitted on the designated streets at all times.

Please note: All existing formal parking restrictions on the affected road/street remain in force. For example, the permit does not allow parking:

  • On the school keep clear markings.
  • On yellow lines.
  • In resident permit zones, without a valid resident permit.

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