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Travel plans

Here you can find information about the West Yorkshire Travel Plan Network and workplace/school travel plans.

Workplace travel plans

A travel plan is a package of measures that gives people a greater choice of travel options. This will help reduce the number of car journeys made.

Benefits can include:

  • Cost savings on fleet vehicles and staff travel.
  • Less congestion and parking problems.
  • Better access to the workplace for staff.
  • Staff health and the local environment improved.

For more details, please see: Corporate travel plan.

West Yorkshire Travel Plan Network (WYTPN)

  • Are you an employer with car parking problems?
  • Do you need to submit a travel plan for a planning application?
  • Do you want an healthier and 'greener' workforce?

WYTPN is an organisation supported by Metro and the five Local Authorities. It aims to help employers develop and maintain their travel plans.

For more details, visit: West Yorkshire Travel Plan Network.

School travel plans

These outline a series of practical steps for improving children's safety on journeys, to and from school. It benefits pupils, parents and the wider community, by identifying healthy and sustainable transport options. This helps reduce cars on the road at peak times. It also helps to improve safety and the environment around schools.

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