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Scrutiny in Calderdale

Here you can find meeting dates, agendas, minutes and reports for Calderdale's Scrutiny Panels.

Scrutiny boards

To do our overview and scrutiny, we have four boards:

These act as a 'check and balance' on what our Cabinet and senior management do. To do this, they will:

  • Look in detail at local issues and services.
  • Suggest how to improve things.
  • Scrutinise decisions and how services are doing.

Scrutiny has an important role to play in Calderdale achieving its long-term vision. It also tackles our key priorities, see: Our mission and priorities.

It does not just focus on our services, but also other agencies that can come under review. These include the NHS, Police and private/community partners.

For dates of future meetings, agendas, reports and minutes, please see: Calendar of meetings.

All our meetings are open to the public. What our residents have to say is important to us, so please contact us to:

  • Comment on anything the boards or panel are looking at.
  • Suggest a topic to look at.

For more about our scrutiny, see: How does it work?

For more about what has been done, please see: Scrutiny reviews.

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