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Your Councillors

Find out how the Council is made up, Councillor's interests, roles and responsibilities, meeting attendance, and more.

Our Council is made up of 51 elected Councillors, also known as Members. They:

  • Decide our aims, objectives and policies.
  • Are elected to represent a particular area or ward in Calderdale.
    • Each ward has three Councillors who serve for four years.
    • Elections take place three years out of every four.
    • One council seat is open for election in each ward at these elections.

Current political makeup of our Council:

Party Seats
Labour 29
Conservative 11
Liberal Democrat 6
Green 3
Independent 1
Workers Party of Great Britain 1

Find a Councillor

See: list of Councillors.

Find out more about your Councillors

Councillors are not paid a salary, but do get an allowance for time spent on official Council business. For more details, please see:

To find out what each Councillor gets, please see: Councillor allowances and expenses.

Privacy notices

Details of how your Councillors (and political assistants) will use your personal information. Please read the relevant notice:

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