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A629 Phase 2 – Halifax Town Centre (Western Corridor)

Calderdale Council are delivering regeneration projects with funding from the West Yorkshire-plus Transport Fund.

Proposed scheme

This scheme includes changing routes around the town and creating welcoming gateways for people as they enter and leave the town centre at Bull Green and Ward's End. We will change the layouts of roads and junctions to make walking, cycling and public transport routes easier and safer.

We aim to connect local communities on the periphery of the town centre, increase the areas of public realm, enhance pedestrian and cycling facilities and create an anti-clockwise bus loop around the town.

Proposals include improving key junctions which will link with traffic signalised junctions. Bull Green roundabout will be taken out and replaced with a signalised junction and enhanced pedestrian environment/gateway to the town centre from the west of Halifax. This will improve operational efficiency for buses and general traffic, including a new right turn out of George Street for buses and taxis to access northern areas of Halifax.

There will be the introduction of a cycle lane along the key route to/from Halifax. The subway at Cow Green/Pellon Lane will be infilled and replaced with signal-controlled pedestrian crossing. Central Street will be closed at the junction with Cow Green to improve junction efficiency and create space for pedestrians and cyclists. A new pedestrian crossing will be introduced at Orange Street to link the St James Road area with the town centre. There will be modern signalised cycle crossing facilities at Northgate linking the town centre with the north of Halifax, along with signal-controlled pedestrian crossings and improved junctions/links with the new bus station.

For more about the scheme, visit: Calderdale The Next Chapter.

Some other minor TRO changes in Halifax town centre are also proposed, which include:

  • A 15 minute limited waiting parking bay on Gaol Lane outside the post office.
  • The conversion of 30 minute loading bays on John Street to unrestricted loading at all times.
  • The conversion of a residents parking bay on Union Street South to a shared bay (residents parking & pay and display).
  • Change a pay and display parking bay on Causeway from short stay to long stay.

To achieve the objectives of the scheme as outlined above, requires the introduction of new/amended traffic regulation orders (TROs). This is the legal process required to enable enforcement of the restrictions.

Supporting documents

These can be seen in person at:

Copies are also available on request:

How to comment on or object to the proposals

To object

Send your reasons:

  • Address: Phase 2 Halifax Town Centre project team, Regeneration & Strategy, Major Projects. C/o Town Hall, Crossley Street, Halifax. HX1 1UJ.
  • Email:

To comment

  • Visit: Traffweb. (Select 'Public Consultation' from the menu, then select schemes.)

Closing date for comments

  • Thursday 18th April 2024.

Action plan

Action Completion date
Advertisement of Notice 21st March 2024 – 18th April 2024

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