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Problems with too much waste

Find out how to deal with excess waste and what happens on collection day when you have too much waste.

Wheelie bin with open lid and extra bags

Excess waste

We have a 'no side waste, closed lid policy'. This is to encourage more use of the recycling boxes and bags to increase recycling rates in Calderdale.

This means that your wheelie bin lid must be shut completely. There should be no extra waste left at the side of your bin, either bagged or un-bagged (side waste). We will not collect side waste or empty bins that are so full that the lid will not close.

We are all responsible for the amount of waste we create. Although the Council has a legal duty to collect waste, everybody should reduce, re-use and recycle where possible.

If you have a lot of waste and your bin is overflowing, you may be able to reduce this by considering the following:

  • Consider buying items with little or no packaging. Alternatively, in packaging that can be recycled in Calderdale's recycling scheme, such as using paper bags for loose fruit and vegetables.
  • Avoid buy one, get one free offers, unless you are definite that it will get used. Many of these items often go out of date before being eaten and then thrown away.
  • Try to re-use packaging wherever possible. For example, you can re-use jars for storage of small items, such as nuts and bolts or loose buttons.
  • Pass unwanted items to friends, family or charity shops.

You may be eligible for a second wheelie bin for your waste, If:

  • you are recycling as much as you can on our weekly recycling service:
    • and you are a large family, with 6 or more living permanently in the same house;
    • or, you have two children under 3½ years old in full-time nappies.

If you are on a sack collection and meet the above criteria, we take 8 sacks (maximum), on collection day.

To ask for an extra bin, phone: 01422 288002. Please also see: charges.

A Council officer will then contact you to confirm your additional bin or sacks.

Residents who do not have a wheelie bin

If you do not have a wheelie bin, four standard-issue bin bags (maximum) will be taken on collection day.

Please note: Any extra bags will be stickered as excess waste. They will be left for the resident to dispose of at their local Household Waste Recycling Centre.

Wheelie bin with closed lid

What will happen to excess waste

If crews find bins with lids not fully closed, or with excess waste at the side, the following will happen:

  • If a bin is overfilled, excess bag(s) will be removed from that bin so the lid is fully closed. The bags will then be put back inside the bin after the bin has been emptied. The crew will leave a sticker on the bin to inform the householder that there was too much waste.
  • Excess bags left at the side of wheelie bins will not be removed or placed into bins by crews. The bin will be emptied, but bags will be stickered to inform the householder that there was too much waste.
  • Crews will make a note of the address and give this to Customer First. They will then explain why waste was left if a resident gets in touch.
  • We have advisers ready to visit residents who are having difficulties. They will offer help and advice on how to recycle more and waste less.
  • If excess waste continues to be a problem for a resident, further action may be taken by the Council. This is only in extreme circumstances and after all help and advice has been given.


There is a £30 delivery charge for all new, replacement or additional wheelie bins. This is payable in advance, phone: 01422 288002.

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