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Obstructions and enforcement issues

Find out how to report any temporary or permanent object that is causing an obstruction to the highway.

Temporary obstructions


Should not be placed on the adopted highway.


Advertising banners are only allowed to be placed on highways railings at two locations within Calderdale.

  • This requires a permit from the Safer, Cleaner, Greener Team.
  • Permits will only be granted to not-for-profit organisations.

Please note: Banners which do not have a permit will be removed.

To apply for a banner, contact us.


  • Obstructions caused by parked vehicles should be reported to the police, phone: 101.
  • Calderdale Council do not have the power to move parked vehicles from the highway.

For other queries about Street Works, licences or obstructions not on this page, please contact Street Works.

Permanent obstructions

Residents should make sure that:

  • Walls and gardens are not extended onto the adopted highway.
  • Gates open in a way that does not cause an obstruction.

Please note: We have the right to remove such obstructions and to recharge the costs involved.

Reporting obstructions

Let us know of any objects placed on, blocking or overhanging the pavement and causing a hazard or obstruction.

Report an obstruction

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