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Walls, structures and bridges

Here you can find out who is responsible for maintaining highway walls, bridges and structures.

Highway walls

Retaining walls within the highway boundary are classified as either:

  • Burr walls. Those that directly support the highway or support an embankment carrying it.
  • Retaining walls. Those that support land and/or property that is alongside and above the level of the highway.

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Responsibility for maintenance

These rules apply (in general):

  1. The Council for burr walls that were provided when the highway was built.
  2. The adjoining landowner for burr walls provided when the road was altered in line or level for private needs. (For example, housing, canal, railway and such.)
  3. The landowner for retaining walls, which support land above the highway.

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Bridges and structures

We are responsible for most highway bridges and culverts in the borough. However, a large number are owned and maintained by others, which include:

  • Highways Agency for the motorway.
  • Network Rail for rail bridges.
  • Rail Property (most disused railway lines).
  • British Waterways Board for the Rochdale Canal and Calder Hebble Navigation.

We keep records of all these structures and can direct queries about them to the owner. We also manage our own structures through programmes of inspection and maintenance. Inspections are carried out on a two yearly cycle, so we are reliant on reports from highway users. These advise us of accident damage or any other problem with a structure.

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If you have an enquiry about a bridge or structure in Calderdale, please contact:

Highways structure programme

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